Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

In “What’s That Tune?” suddenly a “new” host appeared. What’s next for Rafał Brzozowski?

Rafał Brzozowski is a regular presenter of TVP, hosts, among others, program “What’s the melody?” and “The Voice Senior”where it replaced Tomasz Kammel. In 2021, he tried unsuccessfully to conquer Eurovision with a song “The Ride”. In 2023, he won the Premier concert at the Festival in Opole. A singer with a song “In the hotel room” won first place in the jury vote.

Due to the recent changes in TVP, there were also voices that Brzozowski may also disappear from the public broadcaster. There are rumors that he will return to driving Robert Janowski, who was the face of this program from 1997 to 2018. Let us remind you that Janowski has been associated with Polsat since the fall of 2022, where he has been a member of the program’s jury since the 17th edition. “Your face sounds familiar”. It will also evaluate participants of the 20th anniversary edition, which starts on March 8.

It’s no wonder that the latest recording from the set of “Name That Tune?” caused a lot of confusion. (most episodes of the latest season have already been recorded). It turned out that a special episode was now being recorded with the participants “The Voice Kids”.

“Good morning. Rafał is not here today, I am a grandfather who came to help with the recording of ‘What is that melody?'” – says the “new” presenter.

“Grandpa Rafał says hello to the studio ‘Jaka to melodia?’. We are recording a special episode with outstanding artists of the young generation,” he adds.

It turns out that Brzozowski was appropriately aged for the new episode. Behind him appeared, among others: AniKa Dąbrowska and Marcin Maciejczakwinners of the second and third editions of “The Voice Kids”, respectively.