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Jacob Mendez

“I’m obsessed with them.” Taylor Swift on her love for cats

is currently one of the most popular singers in the world. She has won another one already in her career, and hers has recently been on everyone’s lips as well. However, music and the Kansas City Chiefs player are not Swift’s only loves.

Taylor Swift’s cat squad includes:

Olivia and Mereith are Scottish Fold cats, while Benjamin is a representative of the Ragdoll breed. The singer’s purrs are the stars of her social media, who also appear in her music videos from time to time. And we will stop with them for a moment.

Halfway through the music video, a symbolic scene from the future takes place. The singer’s adult children read her will. Right next to the coffin there is a photo imitating Swift in old age, surrounded by a wreath of cats. The dialogue between Taylor’s “adult children”, to whom she left 13 cents each, goes something like this:

– What did she leave in her will?

-Who got the beach house?

– I want the house to become a cat sanctuary.

The next song from “Midnights” is “Karma”. In the chorus of the song, Taylor sings directly: “There are also plenty of cat motifs in the video for the song.

A year earlier, in an interview with Time magazine, Swift confessed:

– I love them so much that when I was offered to play in the musical “Cats”, I thought: I have to do it. Cats are very dignified and independent. They can cope with their own lives.

Swift’s cats also starred in the music video for the song “Me!”, which promoted the album “Lover” released in 2019. Thanks to his role, he won Swift’s heart and joined the cat group.

– Benjamin was a little cat actor. We were supposed to record a scene with him in which Brandon Urie (he recorded the song “Me” with Taylor – editor’s note) gives me a ring. I don’t accept it. He gives me flowers, I don’t want them either. – she described the scene in the music video during a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres in 2019.

– The kitten was brought in just before the scene was shot. Of course I wanted to. It started purring like a motorcycle. I asked whose cat it was and told him that its owner was lucky. One girl from the set told me she didn’t have a home… – Swift said. And so, Benjamin Button joined the kingdom of Taylor Swift.

Recall that Swift was the first person to receive the title due to artistic achievements. The cat lies on her shoulders and stares at the camera with its huge blue eyes. Swift jokingly wrote on Instagram:

Because after all, right?

Swift’s artistic achievements have made the singer one of the richest stars in the world. Olivia Benson, the cat, is no worse off than her owner in this respect – the “All About Cats” ranking lists Olivia as the third richest pet in the world.

– She has achieved success outside the world of Instagram. – Billboard quotes a fragment of the report.

Kotka starred in commercials for DirectTV, Diet Coke and AT&T and in the above-mentioned music video for “Me!” and “Blank Space” promoting the album “1989”. In the mentioned ranking, there is also cat influencer Nali, who is worth $100 million.

Fans will certainly remember (one of many) famous photos of Olivia Benson that Swift posted while preparing for her “Reputation” tour in 2018.

“We’re all stretching to start preparing for concert choreography,” Swift wrote.

Shortly after arriving at Swift’s home, the singer announced: In 2012, a video went viral of Meredith meowing to Taylor’s song “I knew you were trouble.” In turn, in March 2020, Taylor published a photo of Meredith on Instagram, which was intended to encourage fans to be careful and follow quarantine rules during the Covid-19 pandemic.

– wrote Swift.

In 2021, fans were concerned that photos of the cat rarely appeared on social media.

– – Taylor explained in a special recording.