Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

IKSY call for the “World Championships”. They recorded for an important matter

They write about themselves that the only constant in IKS is variability. Confirmation of these words is reflected in the group’s upcoming material, which will see the light of day later this year.

“In their latest album, an original band balancing between broadly understood alternative music and folk takes a bold step towards musical experiments, which ultimately shaped a completely new sensitivity of the band. The artists did not give up their existing DNA, but seasoned it with a mysterious mix of new musical solutions” – we read in the announcement.

The first release of the new IKS is the single “Mistrzostwa Młodych”, which the band has particular fondness for. “World Championships is a bittersweet song with a perverse tone, which talks about how falling into a spiral of negative thoughts can affect our future fate. The song serves as a prologue in the context of the entire album. It introduces us to the world of the heroine, who was called to life in order to express in an original way the emotions arising from my observations about myself and others,” he says Agata Dudavocalist of IKS.

The tone of the song is illustrated in the animation created by the duo Piotr Tokarz and Roland Lukawhich is just the first chapter of the musical and visual story created by IKSY.

The premiere of the song is accompanied by a special campaign under the slogan #representationXwhich was created in cooperation with a psychologist, Maria Chełkowska-Zacharewicz, specializing in music psychology. The aim of the action is to reverse the narrative and show that despite all the unpleasant things that affect us, bitter words and comparisons that we face every day, we can make sure to be in harmony with ourselves.

“Our nature makes us easily fall into a negative narrative spiral. Our mind is still stuck in times when comparisons and fighting with ourselves were the only way to survive. Today we no longer run away from a tiger and fight a bear, but our mind we still act as before – fearing, anticipating the worst and comparing ourselves to others. So it is not natural for us to high five ourselves for small successes and appreciate our everyday actions. At the same time, this appreciation and noticing of everyday successes and moments of happiness builds our sense of values ​​and belief in one’s own abilities. And this is what the #reprezentacjaX campaign encourages,” explains psychologist Maria Chełkowska-Zacharewicz.

With the “World Championships”, the team wants to draw attention to small successes and what we are good at every day. “Did you go for a walk to spend some time with nature? Did you make an appointment with a doctor you were supposed to see a long time ago? You gave a compliment to the saleswoman in the store and you obviously made her day? Did you make a great cup of coffee in the morning? Or maybe you ordered sequins and you will proudly wear them to the shop for rolls? Be proud of it and join our #Xrepresentation! We believe that together we will be able to fuel an avalanche of good things and show that in this constant, chaotic world there is a place for mindfulness,” emphasize IKSY.

The team encourages you to share on social media what we are world champions in and mark your successes with the hashtag #reprezentacjaX. The finale of the campaign will be an alternative music video that IKSY will create from the submitted World Championships.