Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

However, someone liked “Madame Web”. What do the positive reviews of the film say?

“Madam Web” tells the story of Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson), a young paramedic who receives the ability to predict the future. Thanks to them, he tries to protect three teenagers (Sydney SweeneyIsabela Merced, Celeste O’Connor) from the pursuing murderer, Ezekiel Sims (Tahar Rahim). The man turns out to be connected to the woman’s past.

According to Sam Adams, a critic of the portal “Slate”, “Madame Web” is an outstanding example of “a movie so bad it’s good”. “An incoherent mishmash populated by wandering movie stars who don’t even try to hide the feeling that they must have made a terrible mistake. It’s a travesty, a disaster, a stain on the history of superheroes and cinema in general,” but then adds that “he had a hell of a time “.

According to him, it’s a movie Clarkson is “a completely unintentional, rare contemporary example of a film that turned out to be pure camp without intending to be. The filmmakers probably didn’t intend to deliver that kind of fun, but it’s time well spent nonetheless.” Adams also stated that the production is one of the worst superhero films in recent years, as well as one of the most enjoyable to watch.

Katie Walsh of the LA Times also called “Madame Web” “pure camp.” She also drew attention to the role of Johnson, who, according to her, must have been aware of what she was starring in. “He delivers every gibberish line of dialogue with a full voice and with a twinkle in his eye,” the critic noted. She added that Sweeney, O’Connor and Merced’s co-stars were probably cast with the sequel in mind, which should be considered dead at this point. According to her, they all feel awkward and their performances feel forced. Johnson, however, is aware and that is why it is worth “getting caught in her web.”

Chrysty Lemire of notes that the film is not “a complete disaster, as its clunky trailer and placement on the release schedule suggest.” According to her, the narrative is also “blissfully casual”, which makes the film more entertaining than “another super-serious film in which the fate of the entire world is at stake.”

In turn, Rosie Knight from “The Natonal News” believes that the creators did not want to create a good superhero film. They didn’t focus on the genre and its constant themes at all. However, this is not a weakness of the film, but a factor that distinguishes it – for better or for worse – from the flood of blockbusters about masked heroes.

“Madame Web” hit theaters on February 14, 2024. The film also turned out to be an attendance disappointment. Its budget was $80 million. Meanwhile, forecasts say that it can earn at most 25 million in its first weekend.