Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

How to access WiFi without a password? Learn the secret code

After installing WiFi at home, we connect all devices to the network. We connect smartphones, computers, game consoles and TV. We do this once and we can forget about the password or other access data for a long time. But what if we want to share the Internet with many people at the same time?

I'm sure someone has asked you for your WiFi password at some point. Where to find them and do you really need to dust off your router to enter a string of digits and numbers that are difficult to remember? Not necessarily. There are three good ways to do this.

The first way to use WiFi without a password is the function. This functionality is addressed to owners of Android phones who are next to each other. All we need is for our phone to be connected to the home WiFi network that we want to share.

In the WiFi menu, enter: , to which we are connected and select the option. We will see a QR code and a button below it. Press it and after a while a list of available phones for connection will appear. We select the device, after which its owner will have to accept it

The selected device will connect to It is important that our phone from which we share the Internet has nearby sharing enabled. You can check this in the settings, specifically in the “Google” and “Nearby Sharing” tabs.

The second method on the phone is equally simple and requires us to perform similar steps. As before, also in this case we must have the phone connected to the home WiFi network. We enter a specific network and use the button. We'll see mentioned

The second smartphone must scan the QR code. Everything else is done automatically. without WiFi password.

The above methods allowed for . There is another way to share the Internet, although it is not related to WiFi or connecting without a password. Of course, this means activating the router on your phone. The problem is that then our device does not work with WiFi, but uses data transfer. This is useful, for example, when traveling, when one phone has good coverage and the other does not – or when only one person has a working SIM card.

Just run it. It must be properly configured first. It's a good idea to set a password. All this so that only the people we want to share the Internet with can connect, not everyone around us.

The function works on both iOS and Android. The phones don't have to have the same system. Apple iPhone will use WiFi from Android and vice versa.