Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

How much did Christopher Nolan earn on “Oppenheimer”?

Christopher Nolan He has been nominated for Oscars several times, but only thanks to this “Oppenheimer” he managed to win this prestigious award. As it turns out, the director’s earnings depended on the profits the film would achieve, which is always quite a risky investment.

The film’s director risked his budget and assumed an uncertain income for the film “Oppenheimer”. All thanks to an agreement with the Universal studio, which acquired the rights to film the story about the famous constructor.

According to Forbes, the director agreed with the studio to pay 15% of the production’s profits from the first day it was released for distribution. “Oppenheimer” received 13 Oscar nominations and grossed almost a billion dollars worldwide. The final amount that Christopher Nolan will receive for this film will be $72 million.

This year, “Oppenheimer” turned out to be a big winner, taking home seven statuettes, including best film, director and two male roles: leading (Cillian Murphy) and supporting (Robert Downey Jr.). The film presents the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, called the “godfather of the atomic bomb”. During World War II, the American scientist served as the scientific director of the “Manhattan Project” – an undertaking to construct the first atomic bomb in history.

What did Christopher Nolan think after finishing “Oppenheimer”?

“After finishing the film, it was very striking for me to see how it resonated with the audience. When I started working on this project, I told my son about it. He replied that young people today are not particularly interested in the topic of nuclear weapons. That it is not there is something that scares them,” said the director. He wanted to change this approach.