Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Horizon. Chapter 2”: Premiere Cancelled. Failure of Epic Western

“Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema have decided that ‘Horizon. Chapter 2’ will not hit theaters on August 16. This will give the audience the opportunity to discover the first part in the coming weeks, also thanks to VOD services and the Max platform,” a representative of New Line Cinema told Variety.

“Chapter 1” is set to hit online stores on July 16. No release date has been announced for the Max platform yet.

The decision to postpone the premiere of “Chapter 2” was made by distributors, producers and Costner. According to statistics, the film was best received by older viewers in the central part of the United States. The creators of “Horizon” hope that their work will be discovered by new viewers and thus build expectations for its sequel.

The first part cost $100 million. Costner put up a large part of the budget with his own money. “I read that there’s $20 million of my savings in this movie,” he said at the premiere of “Chapter 1.” That’s not true. There’s $38 million of my money in this movie. That’s the truth, those are the numbers.”

Horizon: Chapter 1 only made $11 million in its opening weekend. The film’s total gross today stands at just over $25 million.

“Chapter 2” is already finished. Filming for “Chapter 3” began in May of this year. The conclusion of the saga is in pre-production. It is unclear how the failure of the first film will affect the shape of the series.