Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He left the coaches of “The Voice Kids” stunned. Will Nikodem win the TVP talent show?

The next edition started at the end of February “The Voice Kids”, in which participants aged 8-14 compete. Down Cleo and Baron and Tomson from Group Afromental she joined as a trainer Natasza Urbańskawhich replaced Dawid Kwiatkowski.

A 13-year-old appeared in one of the March 2 episodes Nikodem Pajączek from Chodzież, who wrote his version of the song “Daylight” by David Kushner (check!), surprised everyone. Cleo was the first to react quickly, and soon the delighted Natasha, Baron and Tomson followed in her footsteps. There has never been such fierce competition among coaches for participants.

The coaches, amazed and delighted with the extraordinary timbre of the teenager’s voice, his exceptional sensitivity, maturity and vocal technique rare at this age, unanimously announced that Nikodem Pajączek has all the advantages to become the idol of the young generation.

“I have been watching Voice since the first edition and I always imagined that I would stand here. And this is the day when I am standing here,” said an emotional 13-year-old boy from the stage, who was struggling to hold back tears.

“As we listened to… Thomson we thought someone had made a mistake here ‘Voice’. How old are you?” he asked Baronand when he found out that Nikodem was 13 years old, he did not hide his astonishment Thomson. “Fuck…” Tomson started to say and didn’t finish. “You’ve got your biology going,” Baron added.

“What you are able to do vocally is not a matter of emotional maturity. You have prepared yourself, you know what you are doing. And we want such a conscious Nicodemus among us. (…) We have been waiting for you for a good 6 years. We have been waiting. “We waited and waited,” he commented Thomson.

The favorable opinions were only an introduction to a fierce fight for the participant, which viewers of “The Voice Kids” had never seen before. The coaches climbed into the coaches’ chairs, tried to drown out the others and shouted over each other so that Nicodemus would choose them as his mentors. “Nikoś, you were probably waiting for me to come to the program,” she said Natasha. “I need such a talented boy,” she complimented him Cleo.

At the very end, before the selection, Pajączek performed a great hit Prince “Purple Rain” and impressed the coaches even more. “Remember this day, because if it goes on air, your life will change and you will become a new object of interest,” Baron concluded.

“We need to put an end to this circus,” said the coach, and a moment later Nikodem decided that he was going to join the team Tomson and Baron.

The viewers were also delighted with Nicodemus. His photo on Facebook “The Voice Kids” was full of comments.

“Bravo, Nikodem, I was moved and had chills at the same time”, “For now, he is the number one candidate to win”, “”There will definitely be a final! Great voice!”, “My number one of this edition and I wish it wins. Mega talent and voice,” we read.

The TVP show participant started singing when he was 6 years old. Currently, he is honing his voice at the Chodzież Cultural Center and regularly presents his talent at various concerts – from street performances, through church choirs, to school assemblies. At school, as vice-chairman of the student council, he is also involved in organizing and conducting school events.

Apart from music, Nikodem has many other passions. He is learning to play the piano, is learning more about sound systems, and is an avid cyclist and scooter riding enthusiast. He also has plenty of time to take care of his pets – a dog and two cats. His biggest dream is an international career, and participation in the seventh edition of “The Voice Kids” may be the first step to achieving this goal.