Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He died tragically. Five years have passed since Leh’s death. “We will not forget you, Ancymon”

Michal Lesznerbetter known as Leh, died in a car accident that occurred on February 16, 2019 on Chwarznieńska Street in Gdynia. On the day of his death, Leszner was 26 years old.

The Toyota he was traveling in hit a traffic light pole between the lanes. Two of the artist’s colleagues also died as a result of the accident.

“Unfortunately, we have to confirm the terrible news that reached us this morning from Gdynia. Leh died in a car accident. We will not forget you, Ancymon!” – he was farewelled on the website of the Alkopoligamia label.

“Despite all his hardcore nature, he was above all a wise, sensitive, penetrating observer… There was never any quarrel between us, just a small dispute about art – and then it was pleasant to see the twinkle in this gentleman’s eye when he argued solidly, with passion. Speaking of music, which he put a lot of emotion into… rap-wise he had everything: rhythm, vocabulary, stories, an ear for melody. No, I won’t be able to get over it soon, that I found such a talent. I don’t believe in resting in peace. , anxiety or corridor, I believe in the support of loved ones whose trauma is hard for me to imagine, so let’s listen to Leh so that the memory of his talent lives on,” Ten Typ Mes wrote about him.

The young rapper’s funeral took place on February 23 in Gdynia.

The case of Leh’s death sparked huge discussions in the rap community. There were also speculations about the circumstances of the accident. His family decided to clarify the rumors about Leszner. She also threatened to sue anyone who insulted the name of the deceased rapper.

“Due to the tragedy that is still hard for us to come to terms with, we wanted to present an official position so as to put an end to all discussions that have arisen in connection with false accusations made by the media once and for all,” we read. “Leh did not drive a car, he did not even have a driving license, he was a passenger and rode in a car with his two friends,” the family said in a statement.

Later in the statement, Leszner’s relatives also explained that the causes of the accident given so far were not related to excessive speed.

“Any dissemination of other false information is plain rudeness, and the slander and comments of Internet scammers have a wide echo and also reach Michał’s family, and this is an abomination that should never have happened. ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, which was the first to publish the false , information extracted from the finger, a lawsuit will be brought, the same may happen to any person who, thinking that he is anonymous on the Internet, insults our deceased friend. The same applies to the fact of disseminating photos from the scene of the accident, nothing is lost on the Internet and the prosecutor’s office is already dealing with reaching out to people who have disseminated and are disseminating these illegal photographs, and the legal consequences resulting from these vile actions will be felt very strongly,” it wrote.

Leh made his debut on August 19, 2015 with the album “Podwórka powiedzi, dzia plata”.

The rapper also had mixtapes on his account “Flow Mixtape” (2017) and “Dziki & Nietoperze” (2018). His discography was complemented by a mini-album “Lep EP” from 2017. Before his death, he was working on his second studio album.

Before Leh officially debuted, he was active on the Gdynia hip-hop scene, and with his original style he interested not only listeners and the Warsaw label, but also Mateusz Natalie from Popkiller. As a result, the rapper was included in the fourth edition in 2015 Young Wolvesan action promoting young hip-hop creators.

“Before the premiere of the new album, he was already hailed as the new Mes. Sam This Type of Mes he cooled down his emotions a bit and when describing Young Leh’s style he did not go into such far-reaching comparisons. ‘His album is a mixture of impudence, self-confidence, but also self-irony and discovery. He is convincing, without a doubt,’ – described the head of Alkopoligamia. It’s hard to disagree with such a description. Leh it has great ease and inimitable style. It’s true that his debut, ‘Podwórka ją się się discy’, did not turn out as great as many expected, but I recommend you stay calm. When Leh recovers a bit, everyone will forget about the initial mishaps” – we wrote in Interia in 2015, calling him one of the greatest revelations of Polish rap.

In July 2019, the rapper’s fans were a huge surprise when the deceased rapper’s parents announced that they had found a previously unpublished album on his computer.

“I have very good news for you. Today, my wife and I turned on Michał’s laptop for the first time since his death. In the laptop we found an entire album recorded when he was young. Fourteen previously unpublished songs. Information about Młody (Młody) Leh’s material will appear here” – he wrote Ryszard Leszner. At the end of January 2020, Leh’s family published the last verse written by the rapper. “Leh’s last text was written on February 15, 2019 at night, the day before…” – it was written.

Ultimately, Leh’s posthumous album never saw the light of day. In 2021, Alkopoligamia released special limited edition vinyls of Leha albums. “We will transfer all profits from the sale of vinyls to Mrs. Anna Leszner, Michał’s mother, immediately after the pre-order ends,” it was reported at that time.

His father also started selling Leh’s records on his own, but the label distanced himself from his activities.