Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Harry Potter’s Professor Sprout worried about adult fans? “It’s for the kids”

Some time ago, the actor who plays Professor Sprout, who specializes in herbalism, commented on adult Potter fans. She honestly stated that… she “worries” about such people.

According to the actress, it is a bit strange that adult fans still live in stories with worlds created by JK Rowling. She even referred to wedding celebrations organized in the theme of the wizarding world.

“At this point they should be over it. It was 25 years ago, and the whole thing – I think – is for children. And they are still stuck in it. I sometimes hear that they are having a wedding themed Harry Potter and I think about what their first night together will be like. I can’t even think about it,” said Miriam Margolyes.

Does the actress’s opinion come from her own experiences? Quite possible, because last year she herself stated that these films were not as important to her as they were to the fans.

“‘Harry Potter’ wasn’t important to me. I was happy to get the role and I enjoyed it, as well as meeting all these people, but it’s not Charles Dickens. (…) People come up to me and say that they love me, they want to hug me. It’s stunning. ”

Should anyone be surprised by the fans’ love for “Harry Potter”? I don’t think so.

“Harry Potter” was initially a series of novels published from 1997 to 2007. Although JK Rowling initially had a problem getting publishers to accept her idea for a book, her idea ultimately turned out to be a hit. Fans loved the adventures of the young wizard who goes to the magical school at Hogwarts.

The series as a whole has grossed $7.74 billion to date. This result cannot be accidental, and we must add to this the huge market for gadgets.

A huge advantage of “Harry Potter” is the fact that fans could grow up with the main character, get involved in his adventures and experience similar emotions. So why would they abandon their childhood friend, even if they have long since grown up? This admiration should rather be perceived positively, especially since, thanks to the interest of fans, we expect the series to be resumed, this time in good form series produced by HBO.