Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Harry Potter”: Bonnie Wright complains about the film’s script

Bonnie Wright, although most recognizable for her role in the wizarding world, did not limit her career solely to Hogwarts. After working on the Harry Potter series, she continued her path in the film industry, taking part in various projects that allowed her to show her acting skills in a new light. Her talent and versatility allowed her to explore different genres and characters, which earned her recognition in the industry.

“It was not possible to change the script,” she revealed, noting that it had previously been accepted by thousands of people. “I guess now I don’t take it so much to heart, but (during filming) I was afraid that, ‘Oh, someone will think I played this character wrong.’ It wasn’t until later that I realized that I didn’t really have opportunities to do better. It wasn’t my fault,” said the actress.

“When fans share their disappointment, they say, ‘We know it’s not your fault. We wanted more scenes with you.’ And that’s the same with every character. If only these movies were five hours long… Then we’d probably make every part for two years or more,” she joked.

Wright realized from the beginning that due to the length of the books, many moments would not be included in the script and therefore in the film. “It was disappointing at times. There are aspects of the character that will never come out because there are no scenes for it. It made me a little scared and I guess frustrated.”

However, the actress does not regret taking part in the popular series. She’s happy to be part of the Harry Potter phenomenon. Meanwhile, Wright is preparing for a completely new role. In April, she announced on her Instagram account that she would become a mother.

Adaptations of books about the young wizard were created in 2001-2011. The eight films grossed a total of $7.7 billion worldwide.