Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Golec uOrkiestra at Polsat Hit Festival: A worthy anniversary celebration

A moment after leaving the stage Polsat Hit Festival 2024 We managed to talk to the Golec brothers. They talked about what happened during their anniversary performance. Watch the video!

Weronika Figiel, Interia: We are meeting here in Sopot, among other things, on the occasion of your anniversary. You have already had the opportunity to perform on this stage. How do you feel coming back here for such a special occasion?

Łukasz Golec: Golec uOrkiestra today it celebrated its 25th anniversary here with a fantastic audience, with fantastic artists who honored us with their presence during our anniversary concert. It was Kuba Badach, who sang with the late Zbigniew Wodecki “Binoculars” – our cult issue from years ago. Of course he was Piotrek Cugowski in the song “Crazy is my life”. Was Kayah in “Słodycze”, she jumped out of the cake. Of course there was a band Enej in the song “Pędzi się nie”, she was Magda Bereda in the song “First Violin”. Was Gromeee in two songs, also in the premiere – “Tylko ty”. He was also Kamil Bednarek, this is appreciated. Also a galaxy of artists and I think it was a very successful performance. First time Golec uOrkiestra she performed on the stage of the Forest Opera in 2000. It's been a really long time, it looked a bit different. Today, I believe that it is a worthy return and a worthy anniversary celebration.

Paweł Golec: – Exactly. The playing was great, the singing was great. Great selection of repertoire when it comes to artists and a combination of styles, because the song “Crazy is my life” perfectly fits the atmosphere Piotr Cugowski“Binnoculars” in the atmosphere Kuba Badach – swing atmosphere, Frank Sinatra. It is known that Kuba feels this atmosphere very well.

Łukasz Golec: – First of all, we moved not only Polsat viewers, but Sopot viewers to the mountains. The multimedia was based largely on beautiful mountain landscapes. We didn't want to kill with the visuals of this concert. We wanted to focus on artistry, show these mountain atmospheres, these trombits, these bagpipes, these shepherd's horns. These instruments have never been present at this festival. For many people it was such an experience… They had never heard so many ethnic instruments in their lives – of course embedded in our music. This transported the viewer to a beautiful landscape.

We have feedback from people from Poland and around the world who watched it – they were moved. This was also visible in people's reaction when our mother announced us at the beginning of the concert, people had tears in their eyes. These are emotions, this is a lively concert, this is a lively celebration and it cannot be repeated. This is something that gives us artists who play live music a lot of emotion and a lot of emotions – positive, but also rock and roll. There were also drum solos, Paweł played solos during his vacation. Amazing solos on strange ethnic instruments. We forgot to say – she was Boom Boom Orkestar – great Balkan orchestra. Krzysiu Ibis he announced several times. We received a wonderful gift from the mayor of Sopot, which we are very happy about.

We continue to celebrate, we are not idle, because we already have another album in progress, almost finished. 12 new songs, so we are slowly releasing more singles and albums. We are going on tour with this anniversary because there is something to celebrate. That's a long time in which Golec uOrkiestra traveled around the earth 50 times. We are glad that the inauguration of this great celebration took place here. 25th anniversary of Golec uOrkiestra since the release of the first Golec album. This is a wow phenomenon!

Paweł Golec: – We like to come back here. Besides, we still remember this amphitheater, as Łukasz said, from 2000, because that was when Golec uOrkiestra played here for the first time. It has changed a little because it underwent a major renovation. There was no roof, there was a completely different roof. This whole entourage is completely different. What is most important – there is a fantastic audience that wants to have fun and wants to sing. From the very first moments she was lifted up and went crazy and sang along with Golec uOrkiestra.

Łukasz Golec: – We are most happy about this, because we create for the audience, it gives us wings and power. We stick to this and write more songs for them. Dear friends, thank you for being with us.

You have created something truly unique – today on stage and in your work. What were the preparations for this festival like? You had a lot of guests, a lot of special events. Was a longer time needed to prepare for such a performance?

Łukasz Golec: – Of course, yes. A lot of people worked on this project, on this anniversary. We played 15 songs. It's really a lot of work. Two-part concert.

Paweł Golec: – You have to constantly surprise with new situations. Here Kuba Badach, this is Kayah jumping out of the cake. We love Kayah, she is a great friend. We still know each other from the 1990s, when we had the honor of playing her trumpet on her first albums.

Is there a song that you performed especially for this anniversary audience and you don't really like playing it?

Łukasz Golec: – Oh, we like all the songs. But there were those premieres where there is always this thrill. This is the biggest challenge for every artist, because he has to face it live, with a living organism. Will people buy it or not buy it? They bought it! With the song “Only You” – our new song from Grome – the audience loved it. Archival materials from our weddings were shown. It touched people and added an extra different dimension to the song and I think it was a successful rendition of the song.

What now? You're having an anniversary, there's going to be a tour, and what's next? Are you planning a rest, or maybe Golec uOrkiestra doesn't want to go in this direction at all and you want to continue creating?

Łukasz Golec: We are currently finishing a new album – 12 premiere songs. We will release more singles, we will release more songs. Stay tuned for this material. We put a lot of heart into celebrating this anniversary with this publishing house. I hope that these songs will also reach the hearts of our fans, the faithful who are scattered all over the world and they will simply love these songs. That's what I would wish for with all my heart. Of course, we have quite full plans, we are already filling out next year's calendar. This is also a phenomenon Golec uOrkiestrathat this is a real concert band. This is an unprecedented phenomenon, because we have been playing a lot of concerts for years and we love these concerts.

Paweł Golec: – The Golec uOrkiestra band is a very prolific band. New songs all the time, new entourage and new proposals. People influence us all the time in such a way that we want to produce and create for them. This is amazing because they give us this energy that gives us wings.

You appeared on stage with many guests today. On the occasion of your next anniversary, maybe you have a dream duet that has not yet come true and you would like to perform it?

Łukasz Golec: – We will work on it. For now, we have just finished this anniversary. Seven artists showed up. There was fire, there was smoke. The audience really went crazy. And before the next anniversaries, we will think deeply not to double ourselves, but also to make it explosive, cool, cool and rock 'n' roll. This is our next plan.

Paweł Golec: – In general, music is a fantastic thing that connects generations, combines different musical genres, connects different galaxies. We believe that we should go in this direction, be brave and not be afraid. Golec uOrkiestra always goes ahead and is a very brave band.