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Jacob Mendez

“Golden Boy” episode 135-139 – summary of the series, where and when to watch?

“Golden Boy” is a Turkish series that can be watched on TVP1 from mid-2023. It tells the story of Ferit, an irresponsible boy and his beloved Seyran. We also meet Grandpa Ferit, who, despite his age, is still the one who deals the cards. The complicated fate of the Korhan family captivates us with twists and emotional moments. Find out what will happen in the latest episodes of the series.

Gulgun’s transformation impresses the residents of the residence. Halisa is especially happy to see the whole family at the table. He doesn’t hold back from suggesting that it’s finally time for a great-grandchild.

Seyran successfully passes the exam. Despite this announces that he will not go to college. Ifakat decides to ally with Kay. She invites him to her place for a conversation. Suna tells Ferit what Seyran secretly dreams about.

Seyran, despite his initial reluctance, decides to visit the university at Kaya’s encouragement. Secretly, Orhan sneaks away to Dicle. Due to Suna’s influence, Ferit wants to fulfill his wife’s dream. In turn, Ifakat tries to provoke Suna into action – he convinces her to get closer to Kaya.

Ferit gets angry. He’s fed up with Kaya and Nukhet they keep interfering in his life. He sets one tough condition for them. Will they fulfill it?

However, Seyran enrolls in college. Kazim is furious about this. He makes a fuss with the girl when Ferit suddenly comes to her defense. Nukhet is angry with his son because he defends Seyran and helps her. However, Ifakat is extremely happy that Kaya is the cause of an argument between the girl and her father.

Sultan interferes in Ferit’s affairs again. Seyran is not happy about this. Nukhet is getting ready to meet Zerrin and Pelin at the café.

Seyran catches Sultan red-handed when she puts something in her coffee. He checks the vial and it turns out they are contraceptive pills. The outraged girl attacks the maid. Ferit comes to the rescue and drags the girl away by force. At the last moment, Sultan shouts that she did it because Seyran does not deserve Ferit. A remorseful Sultan soon asks Ifakt not to fire her.

Ferit believes that it was not Sultan who came up with the contraceptive plot. Ifakt suspects this. However, she categorically denies having anything to do with this case. At the same time, however, he confesses that he agrees with Sultan that a child with Seyran is a bad idea.

Suddenly Pelin appears. The woman tells Ferit that she is pregnant with his child.

The series can be watched from Monday to Friday on TVP 1. The series is broadcast every day at 2:00 p.m. We will see the next episodes:

  • “Golden Boy” episode 135 – In Monday March 11,
  • “Golden Boy” episode 136 – on Tuesday, March 12,
  • “Golden Boy” episode 137 – on Wednesday, March 13,
  • “Golden Boy” episode 138 – on Thursday, March 14,
  • “Golden Boy” episode 139 – on Friday, March 15.

Replays of episodes can be seen the next day after broadcast at 6:05. They are also available on the website TVP VOD.