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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For better or worse”: Episode 913. Beger will point out to Gloria her painful past. Strong words will be spoken

– He smiled! He smiled at me…

– To us…

The couple decides to take the boy immediately, but Dr. Krasucka will suddenly take the boy to the hospital – pretending that his condition has worsened and requires additional tests.

– Gloria, what happened? Something with the baby?

And potential parents will eventually turn to you for help Beger – believing that the doctor was deliberately trying to make the adoption difficult for them.

– What are you playing at?

– He’s OK.

– Is there something wrong with these people?…

– I don’t know!

Gloria in the finale she will start thinking about adoption herself… which her beloved will not like at all – especially when the girl mentions the wedding.

– Will you marry me?

– What…?

I’m asking, will you marry me? Preferably as soon as possible!

– You’re pregnant?

– What if yes?… No, don’t be afraid, I just wanted to check on you! If I had a husband, it would be easier…

And in the heat of an argument, Maks will say a few words too many.

– What about your career? (…) I won’t let you waste it!

-You!? You won’t decide about my future!

– Does the past have any significance here? (…) Adoptive parents are thoroughly examined… Do you want someone to bring to light what you did again?

– You… – I’m one of the few people here who is kind to you! But what I’m talking about… What you did for money… seems to make adoption impossible…

Meanwhile, Rajmund (played by Grzegorz Małecki) – a philosopher with whom Falkowicz recently became friends – decides to repay the doctor for his help and… will make contact with his greatest enemy: Sara.

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