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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For better and for worse”: Episode 915. Rajmund fell from heaven for Sarah? He is the one who will help Falkowicz

Mundi introduces himself to Berezińska as Rajmund Hintz and makes an excellent impression on her. A man with money, class, and a businessman and philosopher in one.

– And… what business do you run? – the fraudster will ask.

– Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and… you will never work a single day in your life“… I didn’t make it! – he will hear in response.

– Is it that bad?

– I deal with start-ups.

– And what does it involve?

– Generally: big rush, always on the move, you have to react quickly, make decisions… It’s already been about me. What do you do every day… if I may ask?

– Nothing interesting.

Every person is interesting, because every person has a different story.

– You won’t be charmed by my story… I’m a chemist.

– I don’t remember anything from school, and I don’t remember anything from life that chemistry is important in relationships…

– I’ve been here since the first chemotherapy… I’m researching various things…

– It is interesting.

– I assure you, no. There is a lot of mathematics in chemistry. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Basically, it’s like accounting.

– So you can count? Number is the essence of all things, as Pythagoras said – Raymond says philosophically at the end of the meeting, pretending to be extremely busy.

From word to word, Sara will sell Rajmund the same fairy tale that Falkowicz fell for earlier. He will lie that he is working on a substance that dissolves atherosclerotic plaque, which cures the beginnings of the disease and prevents its development. She will immediately decide that she will be able to set a trap for him.

On the same day, Berezińska will call the investor she has just met, asking for help.

– I know you are a busy man, but… I would like to ask you about something… – he will begin with some shyness.

– Actually, I’m busy… Give me a call tomorrow at the beginning of the day, maybe I can spare 15 minutes… After all, it’s my fault for this ruined costume…

– I have a science project… Maybe I should also start a start-up? I would like to deal with it somehow, but I can’t – says Sara during the next meeting, showing Rajmund the supposed fruit of several years of her work.

– (…) This looks promising… – Mundek assesses, briefly looking through the folder with research documents.

– I can look at it more carefully in two days, when I return from Munich. We will meet then and decide. Please don’t be angry, but I really don’t have time today… – he will add, looking at his watch.

– Sure, sure. Thank you for finding a moment for me… Perhaps you fell from heaven – Sara will be happy.

This remains to be seen – Raymond laughs.

We would like to inform you that the 915th episode of “For good and bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 27 at 20.55 on TVP2.

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