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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For better and for worse”: Episode 914. It’s over. He will not stand in the way of their happiness

Doctor Krasucka, who will start calling Moses her son, will hire a student Anka (Józefina Kiełb) to take care of him. The girl will lie that she already has experience working with children, and Gloria will not check her references.

On the way to the hospital, in front of her building, the doctor will meet the Zawilski family. It turns out that Marlena and Dawid want to see Moses. Gloria will inform them that she, too, has applied for adoption and requested that their visits be suspended.

– But the court hasn’t considered it yet. And for the good of the child… – Dawid will notice.

– I’m doing everything for his good – Gloria interrupted him.

– But let’s not rule it out… For us, what you are doing is difficult – Marlena interjects.

– We just want to see him, take him for a walk – Zawilski will say, stopping his wife from saying a few too many words.

– I have to go – Krasucka concluded the meeting.

That day, Gloria will be late for the hospital, which will lead to a clash with Beger (Tomasz Ciachorowski).

– I had a problem with the babysitter – she will explain to her boss.

– It wasn’t supposed to affect your work!

– This?

– You know exactly what I’m talking about and don’t play games with me here, because I won’t get drawn into verbal fights. One more time and you can stop coming – Maks hisses.

– Will you throw me out? – Krasucka responds.

– This is very weak. I told you it was irreconcilable.

Maks’ words will prove prophetic. In the middle of the day, the babysitter will call Gloria and demand that she come home immediately.

– I resign! (…) I’ve had enough! Is still crying! I do not know what to do! – says the caregiver.

– Calm him down, hug him, play with him – Gloria will advise.

– I’ve never taken care of such children! – he will hear in response.

– But you said…

-I lied! You’ll pay me half. You have to take it back!

– I’m at work. We’re starting the operation

– I do not care. If you’re not there, I’ll leave him here alone, Anka will say.

While at the wall, Krasucka will call Marlena and Dawid, who will be on their way to their house. With despair in her voice, she will ask them to go to her apartment immediately and take care of Moses. The Zawilskis will do it without hesitation.

– I will not stand in the way of your common happiness – Krasucka will tell them after she returns home.

– I know that you will be able to take care of my, my… I will withdraw my application for adoption. It was a bad decision – he will add in a trembling voice.

We would like to inform you that the 914th episode of “For good and bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 20 at 20.55 on TVP2.