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“For better and for worse”: Episode 913. Engagement in Leśna Góra? She will ask a question, he will point out her past

Will you marry me? – Gloria asked Beger suddenly.

– What…? – a surprised Maks will answer the question with a question.

– I’m asking, will you marry me? – Krasucka will repeat seriously.

Preferably as soon as possible! – he will add with the speed of a machine gun.

– You’re pregnant? – Beger blurted out.

– What if yes?… No, don’t be afraid, I just wanted to check on you! If I had a husband, it would be easier… – hears the heart surgeon in response, who will guess what this is about.

– What are you trying to do? – Max will ask anyway.

– For the wedding to have meaning, yes there would have to be a relationship of at least several years – the doctor will start to analyze loudly.

– Wait. Sit down. I see you’re upset… Sit down. Pull yourself together, Beger asks.

– What about your career? – Max will be interested.

– Career? – Gloria will be surprised.

– Yes, it’s called a career: specialization, continuous professional development. I won’t let you miss this.


– So I!

You won’t decide about my future! – Krasucka will announce, heading for the exit.

– Does the past have any significance here? – Max will stop her.

– What?

Adoptive parents are thoroughly screened… Do you want someone to bring to light what you did again? Do you want to go through this again?

– You…

– I’m one of the few people here who is kind to you! But what I’m talking about, what you did for money, probably makes adoption impossible… – her lover will point out cynically.

After these words, Gloria will slam the door…

Will Beger put an end to Krasucka’s adoption of Moses once and for all?

We would like to inform you that the 913th episode of “For good and bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 13 at 20.55 on TVP2.

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