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Jacob Mendez

“First love”: Summary of episodes: 3785 – 3786. The whole of Wadlewo is looking for Kulas

“First Love” is a Polish series that is extremely popular. It presents the story of Marysia. Two decades ago, the girl came to the big city to pursue her dreams. Today, she is a valued doctor and Julka’s mother. The action takes place in Wrocław and Wadlewo. In the series, alongside the everyday adventures of the characters, there are dramatic events. What will happen in the episode? 3785. and 3786. “First love”?

In the 3785th episode of the series “First Love”, Kulas disappeared after he went in search of a poacher. Aniela involves the whole of Wadlewo in his search. It looks like Kulas was attacked by a poacher. Who is he and will Aniela find her lover before any harm comes to him?

Meanwhile, a charming girl left her violin in Biały’s taxi. The boy tries to find her, with Anka helping him. However, their search suddenly takes an unexpected turn.

Marta and Kinga organize a girls’ night out for Marysia to take her mind off Kacper, at least for a moment. Despite the gloomy atmosphere, the friends support and comfort each other. The moment of optimism is interrupted by a shocking phone call to Marta.

In episode 3786 of “First Love”, Marta and Arek go to the hospital where her father was admitted.. Marta thinks she knows what’s wrong with him – it’s his addiction problem. The doctors’ diagnosis completely surprises her.

Meanwhile, Biały and Anka continue their search for the mysterious violinist. searching for a girl who lost a violin in Kamil’s taxi. When they finally track her down, the problem seems to be solved. Unexpectedly, however, the case takes a dramatic turn.

However, in Kinga’s fitness center, someone unexpectedly changed the schedule. Halinka reproaches Lucynka – she wants to continue attending Archie’s classes. It quickly turns out that the change introduced was not accidental.

“First Love” can be watched on Polsat from Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m. Each episode lasts 33 minutes. Here are the broadcast days of the episodes summarized above:

  • “First love”, episode 3785 – Thursday, March 28, 2024;
  • “First love”, episode 3786 – Friday, March 29, 2024;

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