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“First love”: Ewa Skibińska about her heroine. What's in new episodes?

Ewa Skibińska in the character of Teresa Kopytko-Żukowska in “First love” has been in the role from the very beginning, i.e. since 2004. The series has over 3,800 episodes and is still suspenseful. Intrigues, secrets and love threads have attached viewers to the characters of “First Love”.

What will happen in Teresa's storyline in the coming episodes? What does Ewa Skibińska think about the heroine? The actress talked about this in her latest interview with Interia.

“She came to her senses after the story with a young friend who robbed her. (…) Teresa will probably never become wiser. We cannot cure her of her strange mothering, meddling in her daughter's family, overprotection of her grandchildren, because that would be another character. This particular one will interfere, interfere and be a typical mother-in-law,” she concluded.

The relationship between Lilka and Janek is constantly strengthening. Janek helps Lilka save her son. Teresa, in turn, warns her daughter that she may lose her husband, but the woman does not want to believe it.

The situation for the young heroes also becomes more complicated. Ania, blackmailed by her tormentors, decides to steal expensive alcohol for them. The consequences of this act may be tragic for the girl. White continues to suspect her of betrayal.

Arek is still conducting his investigation and is glad that he is getting closer to solving the case. However, everything becomes complicated when Jerzy, in an attack of illness, destroys all his notes and materials. Arek loses the chance to write an article and argues with Marta.

Premiere of episode 3827 of “First Love” – ​​June 3 at 6:00 p.m.

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