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First love: episodes 3775 and 3776 – summary

PreviouslyFirst love” Marysia received terrifying news. Kacper was hospitalized with shrapnel in his heart. She immediately went to the clinic, where Wenerski performed surgery, even though he had health problems. What will happen next? Will it be possible to save Kacper’s life?

In the next episode seriesFirst love” there will be a breakthrough in the relationship between Anka (Anna Pentz), Iga (Waleria Gorobets), Filip (Dominik Smaruj) and Biały (Igor Paszczyk). Kamil’s rescue operation will bring his group of friends closer together and they will finally forget about their previous misunderstandings. Wenersky’s son finally realized that he was always meant for Iga, and Laura’s daughter realized that she only loves Kamil. Two couples will start a completely new stage in their lives and live together.

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However, before the friends move in together, they encounter adversities. The owner of their new place, she will try to steal money from them. Unexpectedly, Anka, Iga, Filip and Biały will learn that the rent is being increased. And for them, every penny counts. Unfortunately, all their plans for the future may come into question again. However, the group of friends will not give up without a fight.

IN episode 3776 seriesFirst lovethere will be a fierce fight for Kacper’s life (Damian Kulec), who unexpectedly, just before Emilka’s (Anna Ilczuk) wedding, was hospitalized because of a shrapnel in his heart. Marysia (Aneta Zając) cannot believe that her beloved is in mortal danger. An operation must be performed immediately to save his life. It is to be carried out by Wenerski, who has been suffering from serious health problems for some time.

Marysia waits in suspense for the end of Kacper’s operation. Wenerski does what he can, but after some time it turns out that he shouldn’t have picked up a scalpel at all. After the operation is completed, Jakub has not-so-good news for Marysia. Kacper is alive, however, he falls into a coma. Kacper’s grandmother, Barbara, blames Marysia for what is happening to her grandson. In such a dramatic moment, Grażyna (Grażyna Wolszczak) shows her human face and wants to do everything to help Marysia. Everyone hopes that Kacper will finally wake up from the coma.

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Wenerski blames himself for Kacper’s condition. At the same time, he is concerned about his own health. Paulina tries to convince him to get checked out. However, for Venersky it was a diagnosis, that he can receive, is terrifying.

SeriesFirst love” is broadcast from Monday to Friday on Polsat TV. Episode 3775 will be available to watch Thursday, March 14, 2024, at. 18:00.

We will watch the 3776th episode of the series in Friday, March 15, 2024, at. 18:00 also in Polsat. You can also follow them online on the platform.

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