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“First Love”: Episodes 3772-3774 – summary

Are you a big fan of the series “First Love”? The series already has over 3.5 thousand episodes, and the group of loyal viewers is not decreasing. How does it happend? All thanks to the wonderful heroes from Wrocław and Wadlewo, to whom many people have already become attached. The series was initially a love story of Marysia and Paweł, today it is also the story of their loved ones. Check out what will happen in one of the most popular Polish drama series. Read the summary of episodes 3772-3774 of “First Love”.

Seweryn is warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of Wadlewin. His return from prison makes everyone happy. Marysia is concerned about Kacper’s health. He knows that only surgery can save his life. In the meantime, Olka is dating Borys because she is interested in his money. Unfortunately, Borys is much more interested in Julia than in Olka. What will happen to Filip and Iga? The couple is getting closer to making a life decision.

Summary of episode 3773 “First Love” will bring a solution to Kacper’s health condition. The operation is performed by Wenerski, who should no longer practice his profession. When he’s done, he has no good news to report. How will Marysia react to this?

Aniela still experiences the kiss with Kulas. The woman describes it in detail in her diary. At the same time, she feels that people are starting to gossip behind her back. He decides his own thing reveal your concerns to Kulas.

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Halinka signs up for classes at King’s Fitness. Where did this decision come from? He plans to keep an eye on Lucynka, whom he already treats as his daughter-in-law. Maurycy regrets more and more that he introduced Lucyna to his mother as his girlfriend.

Kacper is in a coma after the surgery. His grandmother Barbara blames Marysia for her grandson’s condition. Meanwhile, Grażyna extends a helping hand to Marysiawhich unexpectedly reveals her good sides.

Wenerski blames himself for Kacper’s bad condition, at the same time, he is also concerned about his health. Paulina wants to convince him to get checked out. However, the diagnosis Kuba may hear is too much for him creepy.

Biały, Ania, Filip and Iga may say goodbye to the dream of renting their own apartment. All because of an unexpected increase in rent prices. However, young people do not give up and try lower the rental price.

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Aniela’s diary with the description of the kiss falls into the wrong hands. The woman tries to get it back and asks Kulas for help. A joint attempt to recover the teacher’s love notes brings the couple closer together.

Viewers can watch “First Love” on Polsat from Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m. Episodes 3772-3774 are scheduled to be broadcast on March 11-13, 2024.

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