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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“First love”: episodes 3763, 3764. Will Seweryn defend himself against the accusations?

“First Love” is a Polish series, the first episode of which was broadcast on November 4, 2004. Since then, viewers have been following the fate of their favorite characters. Over the last 19 years, a lot has happened in the series’ plot – the characters matured, changed partners, children were born and grew up. However, the series still has crowds of loyal fans.

The series “First Love” presents the love story of Marysia and Paweł. Lovers have to face various adversities. The action takes place in Wrocław and Wadlewo. It concerns the fate of Marysia, her family and friends, as well as enemies. In the series, apart from the everyday adventures of the characters, there are dramatic events that they have to deal with. What will happen in the episode? 3763 and 3764 “First Love”?

In the 3763rd episode of the series “First Love”, dramatic scenes will take place again in the village of Wadlewo. Seweryn tries to defend himself against the accusation of Kazan’s alleged murder, meanwhile Celina becomes the target of thieves. Fraudsters will decide to use a trick commonly known as the “grandchild trick”.

A scam involves someone contacting an elderly person, pretending to be a relative, often a grandson or granddaughter, and asking for urgent financial help, pretending to be in a hopeless, crisis situation. Many seniors, out of emotion, believe the call for help, take action and transfer cash or make a transfer to an account allegedly belonging to a loved one. Unfortunately, it later turns out that the caller was not anyone close to him, and the whole situation is a nasty scam that preys on the kindness and naivety of older people.

Although Celina will ultimately save her property, as the action unfolds it will come to light that the thieves in Wadlewo did not limit themselves to just one victim.

In the previous episode, Andrzejek will appear in the courtroom and testify that his biological father is still alive – but the court will not believe his testimony. Put in custody Seweryn falls victim to an attack by a fellow prisonerwhich, paradoxically, will turn out to be a “happy” coincidence for him – during transport to the hospital, he will see the supposedly dead Kazan with his own eyes.

Andrzej – the only person in the village who is aware of Kazan’s evil intentions – begins to understand that the innocent Seweryn may actually end up behind bars for many years. In the 3764th episode of the series, we will see further stages of the investigation, and Andrzejek himself will also go to the scene of the alleged crime at the river. Will it help reveal the true course of events and help unravel the tangled case? Although not everything will become obvious, the chances of freeing the wrongly accused Seweryn will increase significantly.

“First Love” can be watched on Polsat from Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m. Each episode lasts 33 minutes. Here are the broadcast days of the episodes summarized above:

  • “First love”, episode 3763 – Tuesday, February 27, 2024;
  • “First love”, episode 3764 – Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

Reruns of the series are broadcast on TV4 from Monday to Friday at 9:00. You can catch up on overdue episodes on the Polsat Go platform.

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