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“First love”, episode 3815, 3816, 3917. The party will turn into a nightmare

“First love” is a Polish series that has been broadcast by Polsat television for 20 years. The plot began with the arrival of young Marysia Domańska to study in Wrocław and her great love for Paweł. Today, Marysia is a doctor in a renowned clinic, she and Michał have a daughter, Julia, and her new love is Kacper, who suffers from memory loss. The plot of the production also covers the fate of Domańska's friends – Marta, Emilka and Kinga, and their families. The action of the series takes place in Wrocław and nearby Wadlewo. Below we present short ones summaries of episodes 3815, 3816 and 3817 “First love”

In the synopsis of episode 3815 “First love” the thread of the kidnapped Norbert, Emilka and Bartek's son, returns. To the site of the kidnapping, the police will bring Mateusz, the former stalker of Emilika and Marta, who is currently in prison. The local vision will also be watched by desperate parents, who are increasingly convinced that Mateusz is responsible for the kidnapping of their child. Bartek, who is usually calm, cannot stand the tension and will attack the prisoner, wanting to beat him or maybe even kill him. Fortunately, the officers present at the scene will not allow a lynching to occur. Meanwhile, Roman directs his suspicions at Ewelina, who is in prison, from whom he tries to obtain information about Norbert's kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Julka meets with influencer Nikodem, whom she becomes more and more attracted to. Marysia is worried about this fact, because the boy is much older than her fourteen-year-old daughter and has many devoted fans. Domańska is afraid that he will want to take advantage of Julka. It also turns out that Nikodem has connections with Boris, who likes to do shady deals. This only increases Marysia's concerns about the child. There is also a lot going on in the young people's apartment. Adam promises Iga that he will help her get into her dream post-secondary school. The girl naively believes this, she does not know that her father has already tried to prevent her from being admitted to the institution. Biernacki dreamed of a career as a doctor for his daughter and has no intention of giving up on these plans. Filip and Kamil find a recruitment advertisement for the position of stewardess. They both strongly encourage Iga to try her hand at this profession.

During her husband's absence, Melka will meet her ex-boyfriend, Piotr. She will tell him clearly what she thinks about the fact that Piotr is digging into her husband's past and suspects him of nefarious intentions. Moreover, she will inform her husband about the meeting when he returns from Dubai. Meanwhile, Laura is painting again. Accidentally, she is visited by Venersky, who admires her work. It will all work out Biernacki, who will make Laura a scene of jealousy. He will accuse her of cheating and will start behaving in a very violent manner. This is not the only thread of violence in the summary of episode 3816 of “Great Love”.”. Ania with Biały and Iga with Filip will go to a party with their friends. In the atmosphere of general fun, Ania will stay alone in the apartment with the hosts – Konrad and Damian. One of them clearly forces himself on the girl, which will end very badly.

In episode 3817 of the series “First love” Anka will wake up after the party in the hosts' apartment with memory gaps. He has difficulty remembering the evening's events. Terrified, she will run out of the apartment, passing the White Man who will come for her, concerned about his fiancée's long absence. The girl has hard days ahead of her, full of trauma, shame and questions about whether she should tell Kamil about the incident. Meanwhile, Weksler gave up the fight with Sandra to take over the property located in an attractive location, suspecting that she might lose this battle. However, he does not intend to let his rival go and plans to take revenge on her in a different way. However, he will quickly regret his idea. Meanwhile Arek is still digging with Jerzy, Marta's father, about a case from years ago. It concerns the disappearance of a businessman's wife. Marta doesn't like it, she thinks that this investigation is making her father's condition only worsen. However, the men manage to track down a person who may have important information about the mysterious case.

“First love” can be watched on Polsat from Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m. Each episode lasts 33 minutes. Episode 3815 of the series will be available to watch on Wednesday, May 15 on Polsat TV, just before the news program “Events”. Next, Episode 3816 “First love” We will watch it on Thursday, May 16, 2024 at the same time. The show starts at 6:00 p.m. The last of the episodes summarized above, 3817 will be available for viewing on Friday, May 17, 2024. You can catch up on overdue episodes on the Polsat Go platform.

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