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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Farm” episode 28. Participants discover their hidden talents. Which team will be better?

Farm” is a reality show in which women and men participate, previously living in the hustle and bustle of the city. Transformed into farmers, they have to face the hardships of working on a farm, living in conditions far from urban comfort. The challenge is to perform various tasks, and the competition intensifies occurs when, in each episode, the participants vote for one person to leave the program. In the background of difficult tasks, there is also a fight for the sympathy and favor of others. This program is hosted by the duo Marcelina Zawadzka and Ilona Krawczyńska.

In episode 28 of the third edition of “Farms” tension and emotions reached their peak. The morning distribution of duties by Renata, the Farmer of the Week, surprised everyone, especially Annie and Angelika, who had to take care of the cows, despite their lack of experience. Despite Amanda and Marta’s dissatisfaction, the men were given much lighter tasks.

Unexpectedly, the guests “Zima” and “Rafcyk” from the first edition of the reality show, invited participants to the Farm Council, revealing the mission to conduct a great talent-based farm battle. The participants were divided into two teams: Blue and Red, where the Blues quickly established the division of roles, while the Reds struggled with misunderstandings.

The competition included five categories: dancing, singing, fashion, parody and freestyle, in which participants had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in various configurations. In preparations for the battle, the Blues showed enthusiasm, unlike the Reds, where Amanda expressed dissatisfaction and reluctance to cooperate, especially with Martin.

Emotions ran high during the great battle. The vocal performances of Annie and Angelika moved the jury, consisting of Marcelina Zawadzka, Ilona Krawczyńska and Szymon Karaś. Marcin’s parody caused laughter, as did Tobiasz’s freestyle, which moved the jurors. Both teams’ dance and fashion displays also impressed the judges, but the Reds ultimately won, gaining the opportunity to nominate one person from the losing team to leave the farm.

The decision on who would be nominated would be made the next day, adding another layer of suspense to the competition.

“Farma” is broadcast on Polsat every day from Monday to Friday at 20:00. You can also watch the missed episodes on the Polsat BOX VOD platform.

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