Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Fan girls swooned and squealed at the sight of his father. This is what a Beatle’s son looks like today

James McCartney he debuted in 2010 with a series of EPs, and his first longplay, “Me”, was released in 2013. That’s when Paul McCartney somewhat overshadowed his efforts to distance himself from his famous dad with footage aired ahead of his ITV appearance. The film, in which a caring and proud father addresses him publicly, quickly became a hit on the Internet. Embarrassed, James McCartney didn’t quite know how to react.

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The 46-year-old musician also has an album under his belt “The Blackberry Train” released in 2016, and in the past he also contributed to the creation of his father’s albums – “Flaming Pie” (1997), “Driving Rain” (2001), as well as the posthumous album of his mother, Linda McCartney – “Wide Prairie” (1998).

The song “Beautiful” will be released on February 23, which will also be James McCartney’s first premiere material in almost 8 years. Creativity, as well as the fact that McCartney Jr. is the son of one of the most famous artists in the history of music, often means that the singer has to deal with negative comments about his work. Despite his great name, the musician has no intention of promoting himself on his father’s back.

Excerpt from “Beautiful”:

He has given an example of this several times – an interview he gave to BBC 3 in 2016 on the occasion of the premiere of his last album. The journalist kept asking about the family: sisters and famous father. “I don’t want to talk about my family because it’s my private matter. Do you understand what I mean?” we read in a fragment of an interview on the website

NickCoffey, the show’s host, was still trying to get his way and hear stories about the famous family from James McCartney. The final straw was the question about the alleged pressure that being the son of a rock legend put on him. “Again, I don’t want to talk about my father. I’m not asking about your dad, if you know what I mean? It may seem strange. I understand your point, but I say no” – he tried to cut himself off from the question once again. . Three minutes into the interview, the interviewer said, “Unfortunately, James blew it,” and the interview was interrupted.

For now, it is not known whether the new song is a teaser of the entire album, or maybe just an EP. We will have to wait some time for more information.

Judging by James McCartney’s attitude and Zak Starkey, such a group would have no reason to exist. And although fans have been demanding for years to have the above-mentioned musicians at their side Sean Ono Lennon, Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison joined forces, some time ago the drummer’s son even denied the theoretical concept.

“If we had spent three years sleeping on flea-infested mattresses in the back room of a Hamburg club, there might have been chemistry – but we were wrapped in silk robes in houses so large that it was too far to go and make toast,” said the former Oasis drummer.