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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Fallout”: Walton Goggins discovers the secrets of his hero! Is Ghoul the bad guy?

“Fallout” took the screens and hearts of Prime Video viewers by storm. The production turns out to be one of the best film adaptations of games in recent years. The series takes viewers back to the 1960s, when many feared nuclear war. The worst fears come true, and the series shows what happens to a society in the face of destruction.

One of the three main characters is Ghoul, who gives the impression of being the rudest man in the world. Over time, when we learn a bit about the Ghoul's history, we stop being surprised and start to understand how much of his humanity he had to sacrifice to survive in the wasteland.

During a conversation exploring the “anatomy” of the characters, costume designer Amy Westcott shed some light on what it was like to design the Ghoul character. As she revealed, she immediately knew what colors she wanted to use – primarily blue, associated with the Vaults and iconic costumes.

The hero's transformation and how much he has gone through can also be seen in the comparison of costumes from the “current” times and those before the disaster. When we meet Ghoul, previously known as Cooper Howard, he wears a cowboy-style outfit – a hat, shirt and lots of colors. In the post-apocalyptic reality, he looks like a real cowboy – one who has experienced and gone through a lot.

What was it like to prepare the hero's face? Walton Goggins collaborated with true makeup virtuosos – Vincent Van Dyke and Jake Garber. Nine layers of thin silicone were applied to the actor's face. The actor's initial transformation took as long as 5 hours, but Van Dyke and Gerber shortened this time to less than two. The changes also affected the hands, which were also covered with silicone elements.

When Lucy meets the Ghoul for the first time, we have the impression that Goggins' hero is a sadist who takes pleasure in tormenting the naive inhabitant of the Vault. However, the actor does not support this view. He recalls the time when the Ghoul used Lucy as bait for the monster, explaining how his hero sees the world.

“The ghoul isn't evil at all. He's just using her as bait. It's just another obstacle. It's just another experience in the day. He doesn't want to hurt her. She's just a tool he stumbled upon while looking for something he'll need to use.” to do what he needs to do and survive another day in the wilderness,” Goggins explained.

“From the flashbacks, it's clear there's a human being underneath. He's a very complicated, wonderfully complicated character,” said director Jonathan Nolan.