Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Ewa Szlachcic, known from “The Voice of Poland”, is expecting a child. “We’ve been waiting for this feeling all our lives”

“A dandelion is a symbol of freedom and unlimited possibilities. It was once believed that dandelions help find true love and help achieve harmony in a relationship. It is a symbol of magic and hope for dreams to come true, after all, as children, before blowing out an umbrella, we made a wish in our heads, believing that it will come true soon,” we read.

Song “Dandelions” (check!) tells the story of a true, uncompromising feeling that we wait for all our lives. The song, in the style of 90s pop, is intended to convey a positive message to all those who are just opening up to new feelings, but also to remind us of the most important values ​​in the era of a blindly rushing world.

He is responsible for the production of the song, as with previous singles Ewa Szlachcic, Piotr Bogutyn. The guitarist has been associated with the group since 2019 Suflera’s boothin which Ewa Szlachcic appeared at the same time as a choir singer.

“‘Dandelions’ is my positive manifesto to the world, that we should give love more space and believe in every new chance that fate gives us. Personally, for me, the dandelion reminds us of the cyclical nature of life. Life that we have to draw from in handfuls at every stage. That’s why also, at this moment in my life, when I am expecting my second child, I wanted to share the goodness and warmth that came to me and put this message in the text, as well as energetic music, provoking not only to dance, but also to smile and letting go of all bad emotions,” the singer emphasizes.

We previously learned songs from the upcoming third album “Magnolias” (listen!), “Mimosa” and “(not)Forget-me-not”.

The singer from Białystok became known on television programs “Chance for success”, “That’s how it went”, “Battle of the Voices” (in team Natasza Urbańska) i “The Voice of Poland” (group Ania Dąbrowska in the first edition in 2011). During the Blind Auditions, he was the first to turn his chair around Nergal. “It was too good, I couldn’t stop myself,” admitted the leader of the metal group Behemoth, but the participant chose Dąbrowska as her trainer. Under her wings, the then red-haired singer was among the 20 best participants. Later she got involved with Rampa Theater.

The songwriter, composer and actress is a laureate International Festival “Carpathia”winner of the Grand Prix of the prestigious festival “Landscape Without You”.

At the beginning of 2012 with his own band Way No Way released the album “Fotografie”. She achieved several successes with this group, such as performing at the festival Positive vibrations in Białystok alongside, among others, Angie Stone and Omaror participation in the eighth edition “Must be the music” at Polsat (autumn 2014).

Released in mid-November 2018, the album “DNA” presents the singer in a completely new version. The material for the album was prepared with young producers: Mikołaj “Tribbs” Trybulec With Night Line and Piotr Gozdek.

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