Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Eurovision 2024: It is known who chose the candidate from Poland. One vote difference

A Polish representative was elected 68th Eurovision Song Contest. Among the entries submitted by over 200 artists were proposals from many distinguished Polish stars and debutants.

The group included, among others: Justyna Steczkowska (coach “The Voice of Poland”), Luna, Jan Górka, Natasza Urbańska, Marcin Maciejczak, Anna Jurksztowicz, Krystyna Prońko, Izabela Zabielska, Pan Savyan, Stashka, Nita, Sara Chmiel (vocalist of the group Tears and wife GromeePoland’s representative at Eurovision 2018), Bryska and Maciej Musiałowski.

Experts from the Eurovision Journal and said that she was the main favorite from the very beginning Justyna Steczkowska with a song “Witch-ER Tarohoro”. Except for the trainer “The Voice of Poland” were also mentioned, among others: Luna (“The Tower”), “Nita (“Thunder”), Pan Savyan (“W Kolorku Amaretto”), Natasza Urbańska (“Who We Are”). On Friday, literally a moment before the announcement of TVP, the media circulated unofficial reports that Justyna Steczkowska was not favored as the candidate chosen by the jury. The experts were to entrust the mission of representing Poland in the competition to Luna with a song “The Tower”.

These rumors were officially confirmed on the public broadcaster’s social media. On Monday, February 19, at 9 a.m. sharp, it was revealed that the 24-year-old singer would take part in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Sweden.

Shortly thereafter, the website provided more detailed data on the voting results and the composition of the commission. According to the information presented, the jurors argued about the final winner until the very end, and only one vote decided on Luna’s choice. Second place according to The commission was taken by Justyna Steczkowska, and the third place was taken by the song “Jesień – Tańcuj” by Kayah from the movie “Chłopi”.

The team assessing the works included: a journalist Michał Hanczak, Peter Klatt – musician, former head of KFPP in Opole and Polish pre-selection for Eurovision, Kasia Mośi.e. the Polish representative from Eurovision 2017; Łukasz Pieter – program director of Radio Zet, as well as Konrad Szczęsnyi.e. the president of the Association of Eurovision Song Contest Lovers OGAE Polska.

“The result of our vote will certainly not satisfy everyone – the difference between first and second place was only one point, which only shows how equal the level was. It is the result of our tastes, experiences, observations and sensitivity. However, I would like to clearly emphasize here that I received one recommendation from TVP representatives: I should evaluate these songs in accordance with my own preferences,” we read in Szczęsny’s statement on

Glow (his real name is Ola Wielgomas and at the beginning of her career she performed under her own name and surname) has performed duets with Eurovision rivals: Justyna Steczkowska (“Not my dream”) i Marcin Maciejczak (“I’m not asking for more”). In April 2022, the artist released her debut album “Nocne zmory”.

– Singing in English makes it easier to go abroad. That’s why I decided to release this EP and that’s why I create in both Polish and English. With this English-language material, I want to open up to foreign markets – said Luna in an interview with Interia.

She entered the pre-selection with the song “The Tower”.

“It is a manifesto of freedom and strength. An exit from darkness and darkness. Abandoning ties, blockages, limitations, negative patterns and relationships. Demolishing the tower and going out into the world. It is realizing one’s own strength, fullness and that limitations are our creation. The tower is a place or state that we build ourselves. I hope that this song will inspire us all to fight for ourselves, our own freedom, love and sense of worth. About being fully ourselves, without boundaries,” says the singer about the song.

Check out the lyrics of the song “The Tower” on Tekś!

European Broadcasting Union reported that during Eurovision 2024 37 countries will participate. Recall that all countries except the host Sweden and the Big Five (France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany) will be divided into two semi-finals, which will take place on May 7 and 9. The final is scheduled for May 11.