Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Dune: Part Two”: Critics say it’s a masterpiece, but what about the viewers?

The second part of “Dune” is now hitting theaters and has already been called a masterpiece. From the first reviews we can conclude that the creators have fulfilled the expectations placed in them, perhaps even more than that. The reviewer of the website “FilmSpark” calls the second “Dune” a magnum opus director and “the most important epic sci-fi production of this generation”. Steven Weintraub from “Collider” also did not hide his delight. According to him, the film could be even longer. Uproxx’s Mike Ryan admitted that he wasn’t a fan of the first part, but the second one is “phenomenal” and “one of the best science fiction movies he’s ever seen.”

He’s also seen the movie Christopher Nolan. “I guess it won’t be an exaggeration to put it this way: if the first one ‘Dune’ this ‘new Hope’the sequel is like ‘The Empire Strikes Back’my favorite part ‘”Star Wars.” I think it’s an extremely exciting development of everything we saw in the first movie,” said the creator of “Inception”.

“Dune” was waiting just for him. Who is the new master of cinema, Denis Villeneuve?

However, critics’ opinions often differ from those of viewers. Is it the same this time? The first viewers have already had a chance to see Denis Villeneuve’s new film. TVN journalists asked about the impressions of viewers of one of Warsaw’s cinemas. Their reactions seem to coincide with the critics’ opinions.

“Very nice movie. I’m a fan ‘Dunes’, so I really liked it”, “Costumes, music, everything was great”, “The film definitely met my expectations, it is a great adventure”, “We recommend it, great acting by the first actors, nice music. The film is very spectacular”, “Revelacja” – you can hear. So it looks like we are waiting for one of the best films of recent years.