Do Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton Have a Relationship?

When speculating on Formula One drivers’ relationships with those in the entertainment industry nowadays, somebody can say nothing with certainty. One such instance that comes to mind is in 2018, when there were reports of Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton dating one another.

Lewis Hamilton seemed to have gotten past his breakup with Nicole Scherzinger and following Gigi Hadid and Zayan Malik’s official announcement that they were no longer dating, as Lewis Hamilton was rumoured to have fallen in love with Gigi Hadid at the Amfar Gala in Cap d’Antibes, France. Hit News Industry reports that following Zayan and Gigi Hadid’s split, new stories began to circulate, one of which involved Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion.

As soon as Gigi Hadid and Zyan broke up, rumours began to circulate that she had been flirtatiously texting Lewis Hamilton. The two were even sighted out in public together, and in 2015, there were rumours that they had an affair. Additionally, they were spotted together at the amfAR Gala that year.

Do Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton Have a Relationship?

Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton were Romantically Involved.

The two “have a tremendous relationship,” a mutual friend of Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton’s told the media in 2018. Even a Tommy Hilfiger commercial they made together.

Lewis Hamilton was linked to other women in 2018 besides Gigi Hadid; there were allegations that he was friends with Kendall Jenner and even Gigi Hadid’s sister Bella Hadid. Well, until the famous people themselves come out in the open and admit to certain things, nothing of the stories that are circulating about their life can be confirmed.

Every rumour up until that point is simply that—a rumour. Lewis Hamilton and Gigi Hadid were in this situation; they never made a public declaration about their relationship. While the team kept a tight lip about it, somebody thought the pair was pretty close in 2018 and frequently went to parties together. However, nothing more came of this.

Gigi Hadid was spotted cheering on Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes Formula 1 team at their races in Brackley. Back then, the media couldn’t get enough of the conception that Lewis Hamilton and Gigi Hadid might be dating, making the couple a hot issue.

Following their close encounter in Monaco, Lewis Hamilton and Gigi Hadid have sparked relationship rumours.