Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Didn’t like Horizon: Chapter 1? Michael Rooker has one piece of advice

Kevin Costner put a lot on the line to make the film “Horizon. Chapter 1” happen. He gave up his role in the series “Yellowstone” and mortgaged his house. He devoted himself completely to his dream and unfortunately, he probably miscalculated a bit. In its opening weekend, the film made $11 million on a budget of $50 million. It’s not a complete disaster, but the interest of viewers is quite average.

One of the film’s actors decided to come to the director’s defense and explain his mediocre performance.

Thomas Riordan actor Michael Rooker has one response to the film’s poor showing. He said that audiences have forgotten what classic Hollywood cinema is and that sitting through 90 minutes is too much for modern viewers.

“This is real cinema. Be prepared. This is not what we’re used to. We’re used to 90 minutes. Everything is 90 minutes now… let’s leave it at that. Let’s watch a movie that actually tells a story. You get to know the characters, you either like them or you don’t. There’s nothing rushed about it – no ‘cut, cut, cut,'” he told TMZ. He was also asked if his ability to sustain attention is limited by, for example, excessive use of apps like Tik Tok. He replied:

“Absolutely yes. Of course yes. (…) They need to learn what it’s like to watch real cinema.”

Kevin Costner is the director, co-writer, producer, and star of Horizon: Chapter I. The production is a grand, epic tale of settling the American West.

Thousands of dreamers search for their place on Earth in the United States. On their way, they meet indigenous people defending their lands and bandits looking for easy prey. Who will make it to the end of their journey?

The filmmakers decided to divide the film into four parts. “Horizon: Chapter I” hit Polish cinemas on June 28, and the next part will be shown on August 16. The premiere dates of the next parts are not yet known.