Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Darkestrah: Details of the album “Nomad” – Music at INTERIA.PL

“Nomad”, the seventh longplay of the currently active band in Leipzig Darkestrahrecorded under the supervision of a German producer Andy Schmidtwho also took care of mixing and mastering in the Echolux studio.

On “Nomad”, as we read, Darkestrah continue to follow the chosen path of epic, shamanic black metal, in which sharp riffs and traditional melodies from Central Asia intertwine with stanzas of Kyrgyz heroic poems and visions of spiritual search.

The new Darkestrah album will be released on March 29 by the French Osmose Productions (CD, vinyl and cassette, digitally).

You can listen to the title track from the album “Nomad” by Darkestrah below:

1. “Journey Through Blue Nothingness”
2. “Kök-Oy”
3. “Nomad”
4. “Destroyer Of Obstacles”
5. “Quest For The Soul”
6. “The Dream Of Kojojash”
7. “A Dream That Omens Death”.