Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Cult Releases Statement After Their Musician’s Arrest! We know what’s going on with the team

“We would like to inform you that until the case is resolved in court, participation Piotr M. in the group’s concerts Cult is suspended. All announced concerts will take place as planned,” we read on the band’s official Facebook profile.

For now, it is not known who will replace the Kult member in the band. The group goes on tour entitled “Cult of acoustics”. The group’s first concert is scheduled in Poznań on March 2. The band’s fans wondered whether the group would even tour Poland without its long-time guitarist. In total, the band will play 17 concerts, including four appearances in Warsaw. The final of the spring performances will also take place there, scheduled for April 20.

He commented on the problems in the team in a mocking way Tymon Tymański. “I am hiring a guitarist. K. Staszewski” – he wrote on his Facebook.

The police detained three people suspected of faking death in car accidents in the USA and receiving high compensation for it (over PLN 1 million was extorted). As PAP found out, there is one among those detained Alex K., Marta HZ. and guitarist of a famous Polish rock band Piotr M All three were charged. The first two were temporarily arrested for 3 months.

“The court emphasized that the evidence collected by the prosecutor’s office indicates a high probability of committing the charged acts,” explained the spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, prosecutor. Szymon Banna.

The prosecutor applied preventive measures against Piotr M., such as police supervision combined with the obligation to appear at a designated unit and a ban on leaving the country.

There was information in the media that it was the group’s musician Cult (check!). After a few hours, a statement from the band’s long-time guitarist appeared on the band’s Facebook profile – Piotr M.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, In connection with the information and press reports about me that appeared in the media today, I would like to declare that I bear full and complete responsibility for the information contained therein. I would also like to point out that my colleagues from the Kult group had no I have no knowledge about this until today. I am very sorry that the good name of the band was damaged due to my omission and lack of reaction. I am sorry to all those whose trust I disappointed. It was not my intention, nor was it my intention to involve my colleagues in this whole mess. I trust that the justice system will rise to the occasion in this case and the truth will be clarified,” we read.

Let us add that the musician performs with us on and off Kazik Staszewski since 1982 and can boast of the second longest tenure in the Kult band.