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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of Happiness”: Will Kasia reconcile with her biological father?

Kasia will finally reconcile with her biological father, Czesław. The groom will come to Warsaw, visit his wife’s grave and ask his daughter for forgiveness.

“- You probably think I’m a monster… I loved Zosia. Very much. When she died, it was as if I had died myself… Everything became pointless.

– I was…

– I didn’t have any love in my heart… What could I give you then? Only regret… and anger, I guess. Sorry…”

And when Sadowska invites him to her home, the senior will meet her grandson in the finale… who will immediately start asking “uncomfortable” questions.

“Why did you leave your mother when she was little?

– Ksawiu, I explained it to you…

– But I would like to hear from my grandfather! – Ksawery will not be afraid of honesty.

Are we going to have a great family reconciliation?

Subsequent episodes of “Colors of Happiness” can be watched from Monday to Friday at 8:10 p.m. on TVP2.