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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of Happiness”: Will declare war on haters. Will her company survive this?

In the 2,954th episode, a text about the “celebrity war” with photos of Oliwka and Ewa will be published on the “Szoku” website.
– This is a bunch of nonsense – says Justin (Jasper Sołtysiewicz) and advises Zbrowska not to worry about what the tabloids write.
– In my opinion, this is a temporary action and it will pass soon – he consoles her.
Oliwka, holding back her tears with difficulty, will tell Skotnicki that the action may pass, but her company will go bankrupt and she will be labeled as an “empty doll with claws”.

Justin will explain to Oliwka that she should not enter into polemics with haters, because that’s what they are waiting for.
– It gives them drive. Don’t fuel them and don’t stoop to their level, he will say.
A moment later, Zbrowska will ask Kajtek (Jakub Dmochowski) to let her use his computer.
– The online version of “Shoku” is lagging on my phone – he smiles at his ex.
– Are you following this nonsense below the article? – Cieślak will ask her and, without waiting for an answer, he will tell her not to take to heart what people who don’t know her write about her.
Oliwka will listen to Kajtek, and when he finishes his speech, he will explode.
– Have you all agreed? That’s right, I won’t give up! – he will get angry.
– “I would take a cane to bed, not to business” – reads aloud the first comment under the text about her company.
– “Such social parasites that prey on naive people need to be eliminated,” reads another entry.
– This is worth the attention of a lawyer, the police and the court! – he will shout.

On the same day, Zbrowska will visit Klemens again, who had previously sent Ewa Poraj a letter on her behalf, calling on her to stop using black PR on her network. This time he will ask a lawyer to demand that “Szok” withdraw the article from its website.
– They won’t take it off – Klemens warns her.
– We can sue the editorial office and apply for security, but… In a week or two, when the court will deal with this case, it will no longer be in the spotlight – he will add.
The lawyer will advise Oliwia to defend herself, making only positive moves, instead of counterattacking.
– Please make a statement and disclose the tests you have undergone. Based on facts – he will say.
After returning home, Oli will ask Tomasz (Jakub Sokołowski) for help in recording a statement that he will decide to post on social media.
We reveal that the next day Zbrowska will receive very serious threats, she will discover who sent them to her and decide to report the matter to the police. Will she be in danger from a hater who is particularly keen on her? What price will he pay for refusing to cooperate with Ewa Poraj? Will her company survive the “celebrity war”?

TVP2 invites you to watch the 2,954th episode of “Colors of Happiness” on Monday, March 4, at 8:10 p.m.