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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of happiness”: Oliwka will meet Karwacki. Playing with fire?

Weronika will finally find Karwacki – the hater who tried to intimidate Oliwka. And Zbrowska will decide to confront the man again, for protection in Celina’s presence.

“- Surprise! Since you’re bothering me, I thought I could too…”

The girl will wait for the aggressor outside his workplace and will meet his wife (played by Monika Janik-Hussakowska) – and she will be shocked when she hears about her beloved’s “achievements” online.

“- Konrad, can you explain to me who this lady is?

– Nobody!

– Oh, now we don’t know each other?

– Exactly… Do you know each other?!

– Yes, from the Internet, right? Your husband didn’t brag? He writes to me. Regularly…”

When Oliwka informs his company about the hater’s antics, the man will be fired and – really angry – he will start threatening the girl again. And this time he will find her in the Stański hotel.

“- Do you realize what you’ve done? (…) They fired me from my job because of you!

– Not because of me, but because of what you wrote about me on the Internet!

Will Zbrowska be in danger?

Subsequent episodes of “Colors of Happiness” can be watched from Monday to Friday at 8:10 p.m. on TVP2.