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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of Happiness”: Episode 3019. Asia will join the family. His marriage is a thing of the past

Agata will accidentally notice that Hubert, while cleaning the house, he stared at a photo on the shelf, for which he once posed with his wife and daughter.

“It's about time I put them away,” he sighs.

– Why should I keep them in view? My marriage is in the past – he will whisper, and after a moment of silence he will add that he would not like Asia to feel uncomfortable with them.

– We both have baggage and we both respect that, but… I don't want to trip over this luggage in the middle of the living room – he will tell his sister.

Sokalska and her son will arrive at the Pyrki house a little earlier than announced.

– I know that no one likes guests ahead of schedule… – Asia will start to justify herself, but Agata will interrupt her mid-sentence.

We like people like you – he will smile.

– Make yourself at home. Because you are actually at home – Hubert will be clearly moved by the prospect of spending Christmas Eve in the company of his new beloved.

When Agata and Hubert go upstairs to change for dinner, Ignacy will come.

Let me tell you, it's new to me… a family holiday – confesses Sokalska.

– And how did you usually spend it? – Asia will be interested.

– At my mother's, she's a widow. I was going on a lonely holiday to some warm countries – he will hear.

Joanna will tell Kieliszewski that until now she was alone with Emil (Artem Malashchuk) every Christmas and, Honestly, she had lost hope that this would ever change.

– And now we are entering the family – Ignacy rightly notes.

At the same moment, a festively dressed Hubert will invite everyone to the table.

After dinner, Agata and Ignacy will go upstairs.

– And how was it after Christmas Eve at the Pyrki family? – Hubert will ask Asia.

Emil was so happy…. – Sokalska won't even try to hide her emotion, looking at her son who has just fallen asleep on the couch.

– Do you think that Marysia will get used to us by next year? – he suddenly becomes sad.

Hubert will hug her and say that when his daughter sees in the United States that Klara also has a new life, then he will finally accept the fact that she and Emil are part of his life.

– We'll get ready – Asia will get up, but Pyrka will pull her to him.

– Why do you want to wake him up? – he whispers, pointing his head at the sleeping Emil.

– After all, we have to get back to ourselves – Sokalska reminds him.

You are at home here too. Stay – he will hear.

We reveal that Hubert will have very serious plans for Joanna. Ignacy will also come to the conclusion that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Agata.

Will there be two weddings at the Pyrki house after the summer break? Will true happiness finally come under the siblings' roof?

TVP2 invites you to the broadcast of the 3019th episode of “Colors of Happiness” on Friday, June 7 at 8:10 p.m.