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“Colors of Happiness”: Episode 2956. Is he fed up with Norway and will he return to Poland? Waleria and Basia will live together

In the 2956th episode “Colors of Happiness” Valeria she will confess to Basia that she came to the country on Ksawery’s urgent call.

– You don’t say no to a child – Grzelakowa smiles.

Kasia took care of this matter… – he will add.

Basia will be convinced that Ksawcio cannot cope with the fact that suddenly a new grandfather appeared in his life – his mother’s biological father.

Waleria will look her friend in the eye and, after a moment of silence, say that she came from Norway for a different reason.

Kasia and Łukasz broke up – sighs.

Basia will remind Waleria that it’s still there Recently, the Sadowski family seemed happy.

– You know how Kasia found Cezary, Łukasz was with her all the time, supporting her and helping her. Jthey went to Włocławek together… – he will begin.

– It should be. But now he lives in a hotel, Waleria will tell her.

Basia shakes her head as if she doesn’t believe what she just heard.

– It’s terrible, how easily young people today give up – he says.

– What I wouldn’t give to spend at least one more moment with Zenek – tears come to her eyes.

– It’s just like me. I miss Stefan – her friend will confess, then he will change the subject and reveal that he doesn’t feel very good in Norway.

– NO? You found yourself there, you have a son and a grandson close to you, you can enjoy them – Grzelakowa will be surprised.

– Each of them has their own issues, and I… In a strange place, in a strange country… – Waleria won’t be able to finish her thought because Basia will interrupt her.

– Then come back. It’s close to Norway, you will visit them, he will say.

Waleria will share with Basia the sad reflection that there is nothing left in Poland.

– What should I go back to? Even Stefan’s apartment was sold. At least you’re at home, he whispers.

Grzelakowa will suggest that they move in together.

– There is much, much more space than at Kasia’s. We will be comfortable here together, he will say.

– I could use some company – he will add.

Valeria becomes thoughtful, as if weighing all the pros and cons. Eventually he will decide that Basia’s idea is worth implementing.

You talked me into it – will decide.

How will Kaśka react to the news about Waleria moving to Grzelakowa? Will two widows feel comfortable being together all the time? Will Basia convince her friend to stay with her forever?

TVP2 invites you to watch the 2,956th episode of “Colors of Happiness” on Wednesday, March 6 at 8:10 p.m.

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