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“Clan”: Episode 4305. Gabi will leave her lover! She will return to her husband who cheated on her so much

– Since the filing of the lawsuit, new significant circumstances have emerged… I wanted to say a word about this… – the unfaithful architect will say in court.

– Please make your statement concise – the judge will order.

– All, what the wife stated in the lawsuit is true. For my part, I regret that it turned out the way it did, and I’m not proud of my weaknesses… I couldn’t control them – Zarzycki sighs deeply.

– New significant circumstances. We are listening – the judge will hurry him up.

Zarzycki remains to be seen master of manipulation. What he says will confuse everyone.

– Your honor, a few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer and… the prognosis was not good. I am undergoing treatment. My wife, even though she didn’t have to, gave me all the support she could… and still does. I don’t want to be a burden to her. She deserves a better life than with me. Please, Your Honor, Father finding me solely responsible for the breakdown of the marriage – Roman will testify, and then he will sit down with his head down.

To say that Gabriela will be deeply moved by her husband’s words is an understatement.

Meanwhile, the judge will ask Monika Ross (Izabela Trojanowska) as a witness.

Your Honor, I am convinced that the defendant deliberately prolonged the proceedings, hoping for the good heart of the plaintiff. He was probably counting on free nursing care, I don’t believe in any of his remorse – Gabi’s partner will testify.

When do you think the marriage broke down permanently and completely? – the judge will ask.

This relationship has not existed for two years, they live separately, my friend visits her husband due to his health condition, because apart from that… she lives somewhere else every day and has her own life. As for the details of the defendant’s extramarital activities…

That’s enough for us. Thank you. The witness is free. – the judge will interrupt her.

After Ross testifies, the judge will order a ten-minute recess. However, before everyone leaves the courtroom, Gabriela will ask to speak.

I want to withdraw the lawsuit – he will announce suddenly.

– Gabi! What are you talking about…?! – Monika bursts out in shock.

– Does the plaintiff submit the application to the minutes or does she intend to provide a written application with justification? – the judge will ask.

– I want to submit such a request now, Your Honor, please withdraw the lawsuit – Wilczyńska will repeat.

But this is absurd! The defendant used manipulation! As you can see, it’s effective! Your Honor! – Ross protests.

– I am asking the witness to leave the room immediately – or I will be forced to call the guard – the judge will warn her.

Gabi, don’t do it! – Monika manages to shout, but to no avail.

On the same day, Gabriela will move out of Konrad’s house.

Will she return to her husband who cheated on her so much?

The 4305th episode of the Lubicz family saga will be broadcast on Thursday, March 21 at 17.55 on TVP1.

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