Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Casio resurrected the legend of watches. The price is shocking, there may be problems with the purchase

The year 1974 in Poland was, among others, the premiere of “The Deluge” by Jerzy Hoffman or the opening of the Arena entertainment hall in Poznań. Gierek ruled the country, and girls in schools were only just allowed to wear trousers. The ultimate dream was jeans from Pewex.

During this time in Japan, Casio created its first watch called the Casiotron. Even though the technology had been invented only two years earlier, . For those times it was a real revolution.

The Casiotron QW02 heralded the quartz watch wave that completely dominated the market in the 1990s and early 21st century. However, for the 1970s, it was already very advanced. .

Now, 50 years after the premiere of the first Casio, the manufacturer has decided to pay tribute to the classic model. – a faithful replica of the original, although, of course, with some innovations.

Casio TRN-50 is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. The display in this model is made of mineral glass, and the back has a glass cover with the same triangular emblem as the one engraved on the back of the QW02. The watch also has solar charging.

The new model was manufactured entirely in Japan. A total of only 4,000 will be available for sale. pieces. .

Pre-orders have been launched in some countries. In Japan, pre-sales ended quickly due to the enormous popularity of the new model.

How much does such a miracle cost? In the German Casio store. After conversion and other fees, it can be assumed that in Poland a new-old Casiotron will cost approximately PLN 2,200-2,300.

It is worth clarifying that the TRN-50 is not the first in this series. Casio revived the Casiotron name and style back in the 1990s.