Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Called 2”: Internet hit on the big screen

The first part of the movie “Called” appeared in 2022 for free on the YouTube platform. Interest in the project exceeded the creators’ expectations. Its great popularity on the Internet attracted the attention of television stations. The broadcast rights were purchased by Telewizja Polska and TV Republika, and the international distribution rights were acquired by the Catholic television network EWTN from the USA.

“After the premiere of the first part of the film ‘Called’, we closely monitored the audience’s reaction. Even though the film was available on the Internet, we received a lot of inquiries about cinema screenings. This was a clear signal for us that there is a need for such valuable films to be shown also on the big screen,” director Jan Sobierajski tells PAP Life.

“This film is a pro-social production that everyone should see, if only because the documentary layer shows authentic stories that give hope. Stories in which each of us will find a part of ourselves,” explains Sobierajski.

The hero of the film is a young boy, Arek, who, as a result of heartbreak, vents his anger and destroys a fence. The act of vandalism was witnessed by a priest, a friend of the house owner. He offers Arek a deal – he won’t give him up if he helps repaint the church. Soon, Ark’s friends, who are in trouble, arrive at the temple. The priest tells them the stories of four people whose lives changed.

IN “Called 2” the main character, Ark, played Jakub Dmochowskiand we will see him as a priest Marcin Kwaśny. Apart from them, the film featured stars of the younger generation: Wiktoria Gąsiewska together with brother Mateusz (the siblings’ debut on the big screen), Patryk Cebulski and Alicja Ostolska. The cast also includes a very experienced actor Henryk Gołębiewski.

“Called 2” is a fictionalized documentary. In the documentary layer, the film presents four real stories of people. People who struggled with addictions, came close to death, experienced homelessness, etc. However, in their lives a spectacular turn for the better took place.

The film “Called 2” will hit Polish cinemas on March 1, 2024.