Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Bruce Dickinson and his life’s work. Iron Maiden singer celebrates the successes of “The Mandrake Project”

“I am extremely pleased that so many people loved this album. It’s amazing to hear directly such kind words from fans in the various countries I visited last week. The positions on the charts are the icing on the cake. Now I can focus on presenting ‘ The Mandrake Project’ and songs from this album live in the coming months during my tour. See you soon,” he announced happily. Bruce Dickinson (check!).

The album “The Mandrake Project” is described as the singer’s “life’s work”. Iron Maiden – the history of its creation dates back several years. That’s how many ideas for this album were created. Let us add that it is not only music, but also a comic book with the same title, co-authored by Bruce Dickinson and the screenwriter Tony Lee (author of such works as “Dr. Who”) and cartoonist Staz Johnson (drawing for the 2000AD publishing house), and he made the covers Bill Sienkiewicz. It will be published in the form of 12 books, which together will create a series of three historical series.

The material for “The Mandrake Project” was created in cooperation with the guitarist Roy Z, who has been working with Dickinson since his second solo album “Balls to Picasso” in 1994. Ultimately, Roy Z will not appear in the singer’s concert band. The guitar parts will be played instead Philip Naslund and Chris Declercqand the singer will also be accompanied on stage by a drummer Dave Moreno (Puddle Of Mud), bassist Tanya O’Callaghan (including Whitesnake) and keyboardist Mistheria.

Let us remind you that as part of the promotion of the new material, Bruce Dickinson, one of the most recognized vocalists in the history of heavy metal, will embark on a large-scale concert tour. One of her stops will be Mystic Festival in Gdańsk (June 5-8, 2024) – Dickinson and his band will perform on June 6.

1. “Afterglow Of Ragnarok”
2. “Many Doors To Hell”
3. “Rain On The Graves”
4. “Resurrection Men”
5. “Fingers In The Wounds”
6. “Eternity Has Failed”
7. “Mistress Of Mercy”
8. “Face In The Mirror”
9. “Shadow Of The Gods”
10. “Sonata (Immortal Beloved)”.