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Bożena Stachura: The star of “M jak miłość” turns 50

Bożena Stachura comes from Paczków. In her youth, she was a top student and the teachers’ favorite. She attended an all-girls high school, where she had her first opportunity to experience popularity. She was appointed school president, which was a great honor for her. In addition, she obtained only high grades – her average grade on her school leaving certificate exceeded 5.0.

In her youth, the series star was full of admiration for Krystyna Janda’s acting craft. Whenever she had the opportunity, she attended performances in which her idol played. It was then that she decided that in the future she would try her hand at theaters.

In 1999, Bożena Stachura graduated from acting studies at the Academy of Theater Arts. Stanisław Wyspiański (formerly Ludwik Solski PWST) and began to work enthusiastically on her artistic portfolio. She got her first television role a year later. She appeared in “Honey Years” as Mrs. Filipczak. Once again, she appeared on the screen in an episodic role in “For better and for worse.”

In 2002, she made her debut on the big screen in a film “Chopin. The Desire for Love”. She played Solange, the daughter of French writer George Sand. Stachura recalled her first day on the set with a smile: “Otwock, museum, we shot Chopin’s Parisian apartment. I was given stylish calfskin shoes, made especially for me. In the museum, the parquet floors are polished, I energetically enter the set and… lie down! It’s as slippery as on the ice rink! And so several times – the camera went away, there was action, and I was lying down! That was my entry into Polish cinema.

She had to wait for a breakthrough in her career until 2006, when she became known to her fans “M like love” as Grażyna Raczyńska. At that time, no one expected that her role in one of the most popular Polish series would be met with such emotions from the viewers.

The series’ Grażyna Raczyńska appeared in Marek Mostowiak’s life as his former love and almost immediately began to spoil the blood of his wife Hana. The creators of the series provided viewers with a real rollercoaster of emotions. Hanka watched with concern as the relationship between her husband and Raczyńska became closer.

The audience watched this with equally great tension, and some of them started cursing the heroine played by Stachura. When the episode in which Grażyna Raczyńska and Marek Mostowiak ended up in bed together was broadcast, there was an outpouring of hate. However, the actress never hid her sympathy for her character. “I believe in her. She has already made some mistakes, but she is not a bad woman,” she said.

However, this was not the end of Grażyna’s love conquests. After breaking up with Marek, Raczyńska sought comfort with another busy man. “I like (Grażyna Raczyńska), although recently I am surprised by her behavior. She is starting love conquests again and again appears in the relationship as the second one. This time the object of her sighs is Michał Łagoda. I hope that Grażyna will not commit something stupid. And even if , then I believe that you will forgive her,” she said in one of the interviews. “The fact that she has her weaknesses only means that each of us can see something of ourselves in her. After all, no one is flawless in real life,” she added in “Fakt”.

Stachura disappeared from “M jak miłość” in 2011. Four years later she started playing in “Colors of Happiness”. She played the role of Urszula Karaś, and viewers met her in dramatic circumstances – when the woman’s daughter runs away from home. “Urszula is a bit of a bitch mother type. She has a vision of a relationship with her daughter and it seems to her that she is fulfilling it perfectly. She does not notice the needs of her child, who is desperately trying to show that she is there, that she has dreams and feelings,” she said. about his heroine in a conversation with Kuba Zajkowski.

He still appears in “Colors of Happiness”. However, he does not limit his work only to the series. Viewers could see it, among others, in: “Like a dog with a cat” Andrzej Kondratiuk. She played the wife of the main character, based on the director, whom she helps take care of his sick brother. “I was the only one in the cast who didn’t have to play the role of a public figure, known to everyone. In short: an icon. My colleagues had a more difficult task: they faced the legend of Iga Cembrzyńska (Aleksandra Konieczna), Andrzej (Olgierd Łukaszewicz) and Janusz (Robert Więckiewicz) Kondratiuk. I felt I had more freedom in interpretation,” she said in an interview with Maciej Misiorny.