Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Blanka not “Solo” this time! Will “Cara Mia” be a hit?

“Cara Mia” is the next step Blanches towards winning the hearts of music lovers around the world. The song, emphasizing its authenticity, inspires you to boldly follow your dreams. The artist created the latest single in cooperation with respected songwriters and producers from Scandinavia. Blanka, sticking to her characteristic style, continues the joyful and catchy message of love and relationships in “Cara Mia”.

Let us remind you that she is 24 years old Blanka Stajkow (she has Polish-Bulgarian roots) represented Poland at last year’s Eurovision in Liverpool. When she was only 14 years old and wrote her first song, she understood what she wanted to do in life.

She developed her musical, dancing and English skills during her stay in the USA. There she also performed there, singing with a guitar at Open Mic sessions in various restaurants and pubs in Los Angeles and New York, including: at The Bitter End club, where she also started Lady Gaga. After returning to the country, she continued to pursue her musical dreams. He has also released singles “Boys Like Toys” and “Rodeo”and recently appeared as a guest in the video of an Italian band The Kolors, “Un ragazzo una ragazza”.

A video was also created for the song. The music video “Cara Mia” takes us to an atmospheric restaurant where the artist initially plays the role of a waitress, but in the magic of the moment she transforms into the queen of the evening who dances in an elegant dress, full of energy, attracting the attention of the guy of her dreams. The clip is a story about courage, transformation and finding self-confidence. Blanka inspires her fans to be themselves and boldly follow their dreams.

Blanka’s previous single, titled “Rodeo”, gained over 11 million views on streaming platforms around the world, gaining widespread acclaim from fans. Her breakthrough song “Solo” has surpassed 120 million views globally, solidifying her position as a budding pop star on the international stage.

Blanka Stajkow tried her hand at the 10th edition as a model “Top Model”, but she did not convince the jurors. During her appearance in the program, she released the single “Better”, which recorded over 880,000 views. views. In turn, the singer is followed by over 263,000 on Instagram. fans. The 24-year-old attracted the attention of a wider audience by appearing in the music video “We drink for better time” Smolastegoand the gossip media wondered whether she had more in common with the rapper than just work.

The affair between the singer and the star turned out to be true, but it did not last long. The interested person herself commented on it in an interview for Plejada:

“I didn’t feel the breakup negatively, in fact I perceive it positively. Everything has always been fine between us and still is, we have a great relationship. I support him and he keeps his fingers crossed for me. We are in such healthy, friendly contact. We have a very good relationship.” .