Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Black Tusk: The album “The Way Forward” is ready. When is the premiere?

The sludge metal band from Savannah, Georgia produced the sixth full-length album Chris “Scary” Adamswho has also been a guitarist since 2018 Black Tusk. He mastered “The Way Forward”. BradBoatright from the studio Audiosiege. He designed the cover Brian Mercer.

A new album by a band founded by a vocalist who plays guitar Andrew Fidler and a drummer James May will be the first Black Tusk material with the participation of the bassist Derek Lynchwho also sings and plays keyboards.

“There are some additional tracks, effects and keyboards here and there for more space and better structure, but the album sounds powerful and raw, capturing the live atmosphere of Black Tusk,” said Chris “Scary” Adams.

“The Way Forward” will premiere on April 26 via the French label Season Of Mist. The material will be available on CD in digipack, on vinyl and electronically.

The lead single was “Brushfire”, which you can listen to below:

1. “Out Of Grasp”
2. “Brushfire”
3. “Harness (The Alchemist)”
4. “Lessons Through Deception”
5. “Breath Of Life”
6. “Dance On Your Grave”
7. “Against The Undertow”
8. “Lift Yourself”
9. “Ocean Of Obsidian”
10. “Flee From Dawn”
11. “The Way Forward”.