Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Another star returns to Woodstock 2024 after 15 years. New announcements of Pol’and’Rock Festival

So far, we have met mainly foreign stars – an American metalcore group will play in Czaplinek Motionless in White (Look!)German formation Electric Callboy (listen!)which combines electronic music, pop and heavy rock sounds, a French celtic-punk band Celkiltexotic Myrath from Tunisia, Americans from Less Than Jake, family trio from Mexico – The Warninglegend of the New York hardcore scene – Sick Of It All and returning to the party after 15 years Jurek Owsiak Swedish group Clawfinger (check!).

While Pol’and’Rock Festival will also present itself Kasia Kowalska.

It turns out that this is not the end of attractions, especially for veterans of the event. Who else will appear during the 30th edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival in Czaplinek?

Some fans rub their eyes in amazement, asking if it’s 2009 again. After 15 years, a free festival (then called Woodstock Stop) not only the aforementioned Clawfinger returns, but also the German group Guano Apeswhich will play at the end on the Big Stage this year.

“I remember the previous concert in a huge downpour”, “So we have to order rainy weather”, “History repeats itself”, “But it will be great this year” – we read in the comments.

The origins of this formation date back to 1996. The debut album “Proud Like A God” with the songs “Open Your Eyes” and “Loards Of The Boards”. The remake also hit the charts “Big In Japan” their pop band compatriots Alphaville.

In 2005, Guano Apes announced their retirement after the end of their tour. The reason for the band’s disbandment were growing financial misunderstandings. Since that time Dennis Poschwatta (drums) and G-Ball (created remixes for the band), Stefan Ude (bass) i Henning Rumenapp (guitar) created a new project called THATand the singer Sandra Nasic started her solo career.

In 2009, Guano Apes was reactivated. Two years later, the new album “Bel Air” was released – the first premiere material since “Walking On A Thin Line” from 2003. The last album is “Offline” from 2014, promoted by the single “Close to the Sun”. Three years later, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the premiere, an anniversary version of the debut album was released. “Proud Like A God XX” also included six newly recorded songs (including “Open Your Eyes” featuring Danko Jones) and three covers, including: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.

The band was founded in the early 1990s Flapjack (listen!) their debut album was considered a breath of news on the Polish music scene “Ruthless Kick” was nominated for the Fryderyk award in the phonographic debut of the year category.

The band combined various types of heavy music – thrash metal, rapcore, hardcore and punk. After the debut, the albums “Fairplay” (1996) and “Juicy Planet Earth” (1997) were released, which brought a musical change in favor of more psychedelic playing, which strongly divided fans. In 2012, Flapjack released new material after a 15-year break – “Keep Your Heads Up” (he did not participate in its recording Robert “Litza” Friedrichcurrently leader Luxtorpedoes).

On January 9, 2021, the singer died at the age of 45 Grzegorz “Guzik” Guziński. Guzik was also the frontman of the Tricity band Homosapiens, with whom he recorded four albums. He guest supported, among others: friendly groups Illusion (listen!), Dynamind, NoNe, Funny Hippos and Diesel.

More than a year after Guzik’s death, his friends decided to return for three concerts under the banner “Tribute to Button” in almost the original composition. Currently they are creating Flapjack Robert “Litza” Friedrich (guitar), Maciej Jahnz (guitar; Orgasmatron), Maciej “Ślimak” Starosta (drummer Acid Drinkers), Michał “Mihau” Kaleciński (bass; Truism), Rafał “Hau” Mirocha (vocalist Dynamind) i Jakub “Kroto” Krotophil (vocalist Hope) whom he supports DJ Eprom.

– It turned out that there were a lot of people waiting for it. Fathers and sons come to concerts, they are easy to tell apart, not only by age, but the fathers know the words at the chorus level, and these children sing from beginning to end. You can see that there is a different English-speaking generation – Litza said in an interview with Interia.

While rehearsing for the concerts, the musicians decided to record a few songs, which eventually turned into the new album “Sugar Free”, which was released in September 2023. The album is an eclectic combination of metal, rap and hard-core music, and the concerts take you back in time. when stage diving was something natural in clubs.

In 2023 for the second time in a row Pol’and’Rock Festival took place in Czaplinek (Broczyno airport) in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Drawsko County, between the Drawsko and Czaplino lakes. According to declarations from a year ago, this is where the 30th anniversary edition will be organized.

Then Jurek Owsiak and his team invited participants next year – the festival will take place on August 1-3. Many participants hope that the anniversary will be grand. According to estimates, last year’s edition attracted several hundred thousand fans.

Last year, Czaplinek featured, among others: American bands Biohazard and Spin DoctorsFrench manufacturer Carpenter Brut, Napalm Death (legend of the grindcore scene from Great Britain), British bands Apollo 440 and While She Sleepsa Welsh band Bullet For My Valentinea band from Switzerland Saint City OrchestraFrench Rise of the Northstar, The Scratch (hailed as one of the boldest Irish debuts in recent years), Steve ‘n’ SeagullsAustralians from The RumjacksUkrainian group Luik and Epica – Dutch star of symphonic metal.

They were Polish stars Beard, Krzysztof Zalewski, Marek Dyjak and groups LemON, Proletariat, Lady Pank, Golden Life, Hairy, Transgression and winners of the Golden Spinning Top: Apple Blossom and Pull The Wire. The festival ended traditionally Piotr Bukartyk together with the workshop participants with the piece “From So Many Clouds”.

In 2021, the festival was organized at the former Makowice-Płoty airport (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). In accordance with the restrictions at that time, 20,000 people had fun. people.

Previously (in the years 2004-2019) the event was held in Kostrzyn nad Odrą in the province. Lubuskie. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an online version was organized in 2020 in a Warsaw studio under the banner The most beautiful house party in the world. Previous locations – as Woodstock stop – these are Czymanowo on Lake Żarnowieckie (1995), Szczecin (1996) and Żary (1997-1999, 2001-2003). In 2000, Dziki Przystanek Woodstock took place in Lębork (the official event was canceled after protests from some of the town’s inhabitants).