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Jacob Mendez

Anna Dymna is an honorary citizen of Krakow. Proposal adopted unanimously!

Anna Dymna became an honorary citizen of Krakow! This most important distinction was awarded to the Krakow actress by the City Council for outstanding contributions to theater, film and Polish culture and for her special involvement in social matters.

“For over half a century, Anna Dymna has clearly fit into the socio-cultural landscape of Krakow. This is not only due to her outstanding theater and film roles. Anna Dymna is also one of the most valued figures of charity in our city, region and country “- we read in the justification to the draft resolution. This project was submitted by Jakub Kosek, chairman of the city council. The proposal was adopted unanimously.

The awarding of the act of honorary citizenship will probably take place during a ceremonial session on the occasion of the city's holiday – June 5, which is the anniversary of granting Krakow a location privilege in 1257 by Prince Bolesław the Chaste.

The title of Honorary Citizen of the Royal Capital City of Krakow is the most important distinction awarded by the city. Proposals, along with a written description of the merits justifying the candidate's distinction, may be submitted by: the mayor of Krakow, the chairman of the council (on his own initiative or at the written request of a group of at least five councilors) or a group of at least four thousand residents.

The title may be awarded to living Polish citizens and foreigners for services to the city, overall achievements and an exemplary attitude in life. The city council may award up to five titles during one term. In the past term, the title was awarded to: cardiac surgeon and professor Antoni Dziatkowiak, writer Olga Tokarczuk, cartoonist Andrzej Mleczko, professor of psychiatry Wanda Półtawska and actor Jerzy Trela.

Known for dozens of valued and often cult films Anna Dymna is associated by Polish cinema fans with roles including: “There are no strong ones”, “Love or leave”“Only Fear”, “Leper”, “The Quack” and “The Valley of Issa”. Her roles in “Eccentrics, or on the sunny side of the street” or in the series “Wielka Woda” were also remembered by viewers.

In 2023, the actress was a guest of Przegląd Kino na Granicy in Cieszyn and told what her day was like.

– I'm so lucky that I suffer from insomnia. At 4:00 a.m. I'm already replying to emails – I'm not crazy, I just can't sleep. I rest best when I'm working – I read poems and write a script for “Salon Poetry”, I go to the set or to the theater, or I bake lambs, I make liqueurs, I cook soup. Sometimes I'm so excited that when I lie down, I immediately don't want to sleep. I still don't have enough time, admitted Anna Dymna.