Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Anita Lipnicka’s daughter is already 18 years old. The star posted a touching post

Anita Lipnicka is one of the most popular singers. For 12 years she was John Porter’s partner – not only on stage, but also in private life. The fruit of their relationship is Pola’s daughter, who is celebrating her 18th birthday.

Lipnicka opened up about her beloved daughter on her social media. She told fans that Pola was born to the sounds of popular music at that time. an extremely subtle song. “On February 23, 2006, in one of the Warsaw hospitals, a little girl was born who changed my life. She was born at exactly 6:35 p.m. to the sounds of the song José González ‘Heartbeats’coming from the loudspeaker of the portable radio that accompanied me during many hours of labor…” – recalls Anita Lipnicka.

“Winter was beautiful back then – snowflakes swirling outside the windows, everything was white and clean… As if the world held its breath and stopped for a moment in a magical time capsule… I don’t know how it happened, but today this girl turns 18! My dear daughter. Fly high, reach for the stars, hot suns and alabaster moons. It’s all yours. Heaven and earth. Don’t be afraid. Trust your melody. Breathe. I love you, mom,” writes the star in a moving message to her child.

And although Pola’s parents have been known in the artistic world for years, their daughter has no intention of following a similar path. In several interviews, Anita Lipnicka mentioned that her child dreams of studying in the Netherlands, which would be related to business and administration. To achieve this, 18 years old Pola Porter He plans to take advanced mathematics at his secondary school leaving examination. Apart from studying in high school, Pola Porter occasionally works as a model.

Anita Lipnicka released an album at the beginning of November last year “Dreaming” – the first since released in 2019 “All over again”. The album included, among others: duet with Paweł Domagała, “Nothing too bad”.