Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Andrzej Krzywy (De Mono) turns 60. Do you know who he is by education?

Of Education Andrzej Krzywy he is an electrician (he graduated from the Energy Technology School in Warsaw), but his life is related to music. Before he became popular, he was running away from compulsory military service. He was so desperate that he resorted to one of the most popular methods at that time – he was sent to a psychiatric hospital several times.

While still a teenager, he played on the streets and performed at weddings. At first he performed in a reggae band Daab (1984-1987) first as a guitarist, later as a vocalist. Together with this group, he recorded the albums “Daab” (1986) and “Ludzkie sentiments” (1987) – the first one includes such well-known hits as “Ogroduheart” (better known as “W moja garden”), “Hairdresser on the beach” and ” Kaleidoscope of my paths.

In 1987 he got involved with DeMono, in which he sings the entire time. The formation was initially led by a guitarist, composer and lyricist Marek Kościkiewicz It was most popular in the late 1980s and in the first half of the 1990s. The group released its first studio album in the groundbreaking year of 1989. “Kochać Nasze” quickly gained great popularity and brought De Mono fame.

The albums “Stop” from 1992 (double platinum) and “Abrasax” from 1994 (platinum) became commercial successes. They produced the singles “Ships in the Sky”, “Ostatni Kiss”, “Again You Are With Me”, “Cursed in the Dance”, “Stone and Velvet” and “Two Simple Words”.

In the mid-1990s, De Mono musicians took up their own projects outside the parent band – Andrzej Krzywy also tried his hand at releasing the album “Premiera” (1996). Together with the members of Daabu, he also recorded a personal album under the name Judge Dread (1998).

It was then that De Mono and Marek Kościkiewicz parted ways (finally in 2001), who founded the Zic-Zac Music Company label and a few years later became the head of BMG Poland. He was also the founder and one of the originators of the monthly magazine “Machine”. Since 2008, there has been a court dispute for many years over the rights to the name De Mono, when Kościkiewicz and other members of the most famous band (including the saxophonist Robert Chojnackidrummer Dariusz Krupicz) established his own band, De Mono. They appeared next to him as a vocalist Rafał Brzozowski, Michał Karpacki and Tomasz Korpanty.

Ultimately, the case ended at the end of 2021 – by the Court of Appeal’s judgment, the right to the name remained in the group whose leaders are Andrzej Krzywy and the bassist Piotr Kubiaczyk.

In April 2021, De Mono’s last album so far was released – “Osiecky” to texts authored by Agnieszka Osiecka.

Andrzej Krzywy also proved himself many times in television programs. He has appeared in: “It was played” (he was one of the captains), “Game Wardrobe” (as host), “Singa Dinga” (team captain), “From Opole to Opole” and “Do you know or don’t you know?”. As a participant, he took part in “Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars”, but he was eliminated in the first episode. “I decided to take part in this program because I would like to get to know something new in life, get to know myself,” Krzywy commented on his participation in the Polsat dance show.

Andrzej Krzywy has a daughter, Aleksandra (born 1996), with his first wife Beata Szpigiel. The couple divorced in 2006. “We parted like two good friends,” commented the singer. Currently associated with Anna Domańska, with whom she raises two children from her previous marriage. Let us add that his second wife co-wrote De Mono’s lyrics on the album “Reset”.