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Jacob Mendez

“Akacjowa 38”: Summaries of episodes 386-390

“Akacjowa 38” is a Spanish series that Polish viewers can watch from 2023. What is this production about? The series takes place at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The story begins by showing the fate of a mother and daughter who, due to dramatic events, have to leave their home. The women run away from their hometown, change their identity, and then get a job as servants in a guesthouse on Akacjowa Street in Madrid.

Leonor talks to her mother. He decides to give her an ultimatum. The girl threatens to move out with Pablo if Casilda does not come back to them. Ramon organizes a men's banquet at home. Trini discovers who her husband is doing business with.

Meanwhile, Leandro recognizes Victor as his son, which Susana cannot come to terms with. Cayetana lays the foundation stone on the site where a new school is to be built.

During Ramona's banquet, there is a tension between the host and the uninvited Don Clemente. Cayetana speaks at the ceremony.

Paciencia is slowly losing her eyesight. Meanwhile, Servando sells fake holy water. Suddenly, another incident occurs in the city.

Martin is to be executed. Casilda finds out about this. Mauro talks to Teresa and tells her that he is going to marry Humildad. In turn, Felipe threatens Servando with dismissal. The reason for this is the man's clothing.

Meanwhile, Trini talks to Celia. Ramon's wife tells her that she has not been able to find the location of her husband's company.

Humildad counts on friendship with Cayetana. Meanwhile, Trini talks to Gines and tells him what business he is doing with Ramon.

Cayetana tries to seduce Secretary Oliva. The woman hopes that she will be able to dissuade him from the idea of ​​allocating 20 places at the school for orphans. Leonor and Pablo talk to Felipe. They both want him to become Martin's defender.

Trini finds out that her husband is a loan shark. In turn, Felipe agrees to become Martin's defender. Casilda accepts this fact with relief.

Leandro talks to Juliana on the street. In front of many witnesses, he confesses his love to the woman. Teresa notices that Cayetana has seduced Secretary Oliva.

“Akacjowa 38” is a Spanish series that you can watch from Monday to Saturday at 6:45 p.m. on TVP 2. When will they be broadcast? episodes 386-390? Below is the list:

  • episode 386 – emission on Monday, May 27 at 18:45 on TVP 2;
  • episode 387 – emission on Tuesday, May 28 at 18:45 on TVP 2;
  • episode 388 – emission on Wednesday, May 29 at 18:45 on TVP 2;
  • episode 389 – emission on Friday, May 31 at 18:45 on TVP 2;
  • episode 390 – emission on Saturday, June 1 at 18:45 on TVP 2.

Due to Corpus Christi, “Akacjowa 38” will not be broadcast on Thursday, May 30. You can watch reruns of the series from Monday to Friday at 1:15 p.m. on TVP 2. All episodes “Akacjowe 38” are broadcast on the platform TVP VOD.